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Thread: Make peasants non-trainable

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    Default Make peasants non-trainable

    From wiki:
    "One big problem with Peasants is that some AI factions tend to build lots of them due to their cheap cost. This hurts the AI's capability in combat and can detract from the game. Since it's not very realistic to have Peasants as garrison troops anyway, many players mod Peasants so they are not trainable, only available in uprisings and reemergences. It is generally agreed that this makes for a better campaign."

    Does anyone know how to apply mentioned modification to the game? I couldn't find anything relevant on the forum and Google didn't help either.

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    Make backup file CRUSADERS_UNIT_PROD11.TXT (in MTW folder).
    Download gnome editor -
    Run Gnome editor, open CRUSADERS_UNIT_PROD11.TXT
    Find Peasants and MuslimPeasants (number 63 & 64 in unit roster). In 54 column replace unit culture, for peasant - to MUSLIM, for MuslimPeasants - to CATHOLIC. This must exclude peasants from hire list, but i think it affected uprisings too. Or you can add specific (mutually exclusive) buildings requirement for hiring a unit (in 17 column). Like a MOSQUE for Peasants, and CHURCH for MuslimPeasants.

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    Default Re: Make peasants non-trainable

    There are plenty of ways to make that happen... Personally, I would "blank out" column 17 (in the "crusaders_unit_prod11.txt"-file. On peasants that is...), as that would generate the exact results you are looking for. And, it would be easier to do as well. Obviously you will still need the GnomEditor, regardless.

    - A

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    You can easily do without an editor since you need to make very few changes. Find the word "Peasants". After it should be the word "INFANTRY".

    1. You need to find "{CASTLE} " and replace it with" {} " or just delete it. Now it will be impossible to train this unit because it is impossible to train units for which the necessary buildings are not specified. After that, you need to find "Muslim Peasants" and perform the same actions.
    2. Another possibility is to reset the AI preferences for training these units. The values of AI preferences are indicated after the names of AI behavior styles in parentheses : POVERY_STRICKEN(63), DESPERATE_DEFENCE(2.1) , etc. You need to replace with 0 for all brackets starting with POVERY_STRICKEN and ending with CLOSE_TO_SUPPORT_LIMIT. After that, the AI will stop training this unit.

    Both options have no effect on riots. There is also an opportunity to specify the of factions that can train a unit or make it inaccessible to everyone, but this option is not suitable because it affects riots.

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    Default Re: Make peasants non-trainable

    Best way to have balanced AI armies is to get a mod that focus on overall balance of everything and from my experience Caravel mod do this the best way(except economy), it's just a polished vanilla that cuts all nonsense. Another one is Redux but it's a total conversion like a different game actually.
    Sorry for my bad english , I don't mind correcting!

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