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    Icon12 Welcome :)

    Hello to everyone out there and welcome to our new home for Crucible of Kings, an overhaul mod for Thrones of Britannia. Please feel free to post about the mod, we have a few specific threads for bug reports, feedback, etc. so use those when possible please.

    Thanks for checking out the mod and (perhaps) giving it a go!

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    Also please note our mod description in the hosted mod forum part is incorrect right now - I think when they created it they left in some old text So we aren't a fire and ice mod Hopefully that will be changed soon.

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    Great to see this finally got its own little subforum. Eagerly awaiting new stuff!

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    Great, this is the first mod I will install with ToB.
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    Oh my, this might even make me buy the game next sale. What about DEI?
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