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    - Download and unzip the file, place the .pack file into your data folder.
    - Start the game, click Mod Manager, make sure "enable out of date mods" is checked.
    - Enable to mod, hit Play.

    - Subscribe to the Steam version.
    - Start the game, click Mod Manager, make sure the mod is enabled. Hit Play.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Download Links & Update Tracker

    Previous Updates

    Update: May 18
    - Increased bow damage by a small amount, improved accuracy a bit.
    - Vassals (governors) titles can now level up over time to make them more influential. Based on age and time as a vassal.
    - Increased maximum influence to 20 to allow more room for intrigue and lower likelihood of capping it for the faction leader.
    - Small increase to chance of all characters having children.
    - Some AI bonuses increased a bit at higher difficulties.
    - Changed some invasion locations to lower repetition.

    Update: May 13
    - Decreased reload time of bows and increased ammunition amount.
    - Levy bows and normal bows now have some stat differences, lowered differences between javelin types.
    - Altered some CAI behaviors to lower chance of some suicidal type attacks.
    - Small decrease to follower priest loyalty bonus, some champion bonuses and quartermaster upkeep bonus.
    - Increased pillager follower supply impact on enemies, added small public order bonus to bard follower for governors.
    - Follower effects are now more spread out over the different skill levels.
    - Lowered unit experience stat modifiers to better match our lower stat system.
    - Increased movement for troops at sea (navies).

    Update: May 10
    - New faction leader and heir title traits added.
    - Added various negative effects to higher fame levels to make mid/end game more difficult.
    - Changed the occupation priorities for the AI to prioritize occupy a bit more for some cultures.
    - Increased chance of random invasions based on difficulty level and added some new random invasions in later game.
    - Increased AI priority to attack settlements and forces.
    - Increased base replenishment a small amount.
    - Lowered some stat bonuses from tech, traits and skills to better fit with our stat system.
    - Churches/cathedrals and viking ports now use some food.
    - Fixed some compatiblity issues with Magnar's ammo refill mod.

    Update: May 9
    - Improved projectiles a bit in battles.
    - Removed shield armor bonuses.
    - Changed Minor Town garrisons to only use levy units that don't upgrade and are varied based on culture. They will now receive 1 unit per tier starting at tier 1.
    - Vassal titles now increase influence, claimaints (stripped titles) now lower loyalty.
    - Lowered loyalty from estates, increased loyalty from being named a vassal.
    - Reduced difficulty modifiers for war fervor so multiple wars don't break the system at higher difficulties.
    - Small increase to some of the bonus war fervor modifiers.
    - Increased speed at which war fervor returns to 0 from positive and negative.
    - Added mid way technology in military support tree that increases war fervor.
    - Increased vassal (governor) amount allowed based on fame level.
    - Changed values for armor/weapon forges to 3/6/9 - may show wrong colored symbols for upgrade in save games.
    - Lowered the corruption bonuses from buildings a bit.
    - Lowered food production on some higher tier buildings.
    - Added small negative to replenishment pool for some unit types from food buildings to represent population working there.
    - Increased upkeep for some buildings, especially garrisons and forges.
    - Small increase to Sudreyar faction trait to help with supplies in enemy territory.
    - Small increase to upkeep for elite units.

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    Update June 18
    - Changed max influence level back to 10 for now due to crash issues
    - Added a lot of variation and some new textures to all units to improve their appearance quality in battles.

    - Big thanks to RobbStark for help with the variation changes.

    Future Changes
    - We will be editing rosters in full but we are waiting on mod tools to get started.

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    Aug 29
    - Updated for today's patch.
    - Archers should now be a little more effective
    - Removed some of our building effect changes because they have now been implemented in the base game.

    Hotfix 6:33 PM EST
    - Fixed issue with Sudreyar crashing on campaign startup
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    Updated - should be compatible with today's patch.

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