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Thread: How do I get out to sea?

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    Default How do I get out to sea?

    I just started playing this game today with my new PC and started a ME campaign with Kroc Gar. I have seen YT videos with lords just going out to sea with no problem. However the Lord I recruited to that went to the coast and gets red Xs when I try to move him offshore. Can you not reach the sea from certain provinces or something? Thanks.

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    Default Re: How do I get out to sea?

    You can indeed not move offshore everywhere. The largest part of the coast is covered with cliffs and you can't embark there. You can only get to the sea via coastal settlements and areas where there's a beach on the coast. As an additional note, switching from a land army to a fleet and vice versa can cost quite a few movement points, embarking through a coastal town is generally the most efficient as that costs the fewest movement points.

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    Thanks, I have had a lord going up and down the coast looking everywhere without starting a fresh war. I am going to attack a Tomb Queen soon and maybe her place has a port.

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