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    Default Naval movement

    I want to increase naval movement range and not the land movement range. But when i use the naval_units list from the data pack and changes the campaign action points, the game crashes at start?
    Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Naval movement


    the last 3 entries are sea terrain lower them to increase sea movement (i use 5-10)

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    Default Re: Naval movement

    campaign_ground_types_tables does not seem to have any effect...

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    Default Re: Naval movement

    Well, looks like it happened with some patch and it won't be the first time they do to modders something like that Particularly painful for me as a QAer cause it's a clear hack with a "just hard code that and forget" approach.


    - tried increasing campaign action points in naval_units as well - still does not work, without crash at least.

    - adding global vik_campaign_movement bonus to naval in campaign_difficulty_handicap_effects_table also does not work as faction_to_navy_own and faction_to_navy_own_unseen effect scopes seem do be disabled as well :/

    - adding vik_campaign_movement to naval stances in effect_bundles_to_effects_junctions does not work as well cause of buggy navy_to_navy_own - in case of default stance it's applied to armies as well and (although movement bonus being displayed in stance effects) it does not actually increase movement points, seem to be hard-coded as well :/

    Looks like I will stuck with the same global movement bonus for armies and navies using campaign_difficulty_handicap_effects_table with faction_to_force_own scopes...

    Any other ideas anybody?

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    Default Re: Naval movement

    Did you try the effect? vik_navy_campaign_movement, value=100? and scope= in_all_your_forces. You can tie it to the faction or faction group

    What matters most is the bonus_value_id. This effect uses mod_ship_movement_campaign, in bonus_value_id_basic_junction. In Rome 2 it is used with the above scope for the ROTR campaign and it (probably) works.
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    Default Re: Naval movement

    Hey Athanasios55, thanks for the tip, it's always great to learn something new, especially regarding total war tables editing where so many things are not intuitive or simply hard-coded

    As far as I know there is no in_all_your_forces scope for Attila/ToB, but there are corresponding faction_to_army_own, faction_to_force_own and faction_to_navy_own (with _unseen suffixes as well) etc.

    Regarding vik_navy_campaign_movement - strangely enough there are two entries for it in effect_bonus_value_basic_junction_tables:
    vik_navy_campaign_movement mod_land_movement_campaign
    vik_navy_campaign_movement mod_ship_movement_campaign

    It's actually exactly the same as for the general vik_campaign_movement:
    vik_campaign_movement mod_land_movement_campaign
    vik_campaign_movement mod_ship_movement_campaign

    So it seems like it's supposed to add movement bonus for both land/navy and that's exactly what it does regardless of where/how I add it :/

    I tried:
    - for default stance in effect_bundles_to_effects_junctions
    - globally in campaign_difficulty_handicap_effects_table

    Again it has any effect only with faction_to_force_own or force_to_force_own scope, so *_to_navy_own although displayed in UI simply have no effect.

    Trying to narrow it down I created my vik_navy_campaign_movement_bonus effect with only mod_ship_movement_campaign entry in effect_bonus_value_basic_junction_tables and although displayed in UI it simply does nothing :/ So it really seems that they just hard-coded movement bonus for land and navy...

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