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Thread: Naval Warfare in Total War since Empire.

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    Default Naval Warfare in Total War since Empire.

    A very informative and well-researched video from Darren, as usual. He describes the history of the implementation of naval battles in our favourite gaming franchise, carefully detailing the advantages and weaknesses of each version. He also cites every excuse Creative Assembly has used to justify their omission in Warhammer (their reasoning in the first title was actually different to that of the second one), Three Kingdoms and Troy. The bit about the supposed intellectual rights of Man O' War was also news to me, although I must say that the creativity, determination and imagination of the reddit community never cease to amaze me! It reminded me of the also debunked rating excuse about the blood & gore packs.

    In what concerns the gradual, but now perhaps permanent removal of naval warfare, I think the crux of the matter lies with the... naval bombardment in Fall of the Samurai. It should be described as a marketing feature, mainly designed to provoke excitement in promotional visual material. Unfortunately, it probably inspired the disastrous decision to add amphibious battles in Rome II. As we all know, despite the hype, they proved to be indifferent, demanded a huge amount of resources and led to controversial policies and innumerable bugs and glitches. Capture points, unfinished sieges, overpowered transports, triremes proudly crossing the desert, marines suicidally jumping to the ocean and entire armies starving to death in a remote corner of the Mediterranean Sea were the result of the sloppy introduction of an unnecessary and historically dubious feature.

    Therefore, it's not difficult to understand why the developers chose to ignore them in the fantasy world of Warhammer. Simply put, the dramatically increased expenses would not have been counter-balanced by a proportionate growth in sales. Unfortunately, the mild reaction from players encouraged them to also abandon them in Three Kingdoms, a tent-pole game, which, in spite of its high price, features one single culture and thus does not offer much variety in two-dimensional art, military rosters and urban buildings. I wonder whether the complete absence of the maritime aspect is at least partially responsible for the extremely low retention rates of Three Kingdoms, despite its record-breaking pre-order figures, in a debacle similar to the Metacritic controversy. As for the future, I think the only realistic hope for their return would only be in a specific historical context, where their inclusion is essentially mandatory. The 18th or 17th centuries enjoy strong prospects, for example, but I can't say the same for a game focused on Medieval Europe, George Martin's books or pagan mythology.

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    Default Re: Naval Warfare in Total War since Empire.

    Thank you very much Abdulmecid I for uploading this video, is something I had been looking for since years and this analysis helped me to narrow down me preferences in regards of Total War series. I've also noticed the decline in terms of quality of naval battles in Total War saga from Shogun 2 Total War, but I still have interest in Rome 2 and Attila. I don't know how to explain that and I am almost sure some of you would disagree but I like Attila Total War naval battles, more than Rome 2 Total War but those are engaging and in my opinion more detailed than Rome 2. I am somewhat interested in Thrones of Britannia, in part because of its naval battles, but by watching some videos on youtube, I'm not strongly convinced if they adds a distinctive value in respect of the previous titles. I mean, I find Attila Total War more interesting and appealing in this respect than Thrones of Britannia as I don't see too much variety in Thrones of Britannia, because I feel naval battles in this title are limited to "melee sieges" in transport vessels. Furthermore, Attila looks even better in terms of graphics (vessel models, particle effects, variety of textures, etc.). It's a shame Troy Total War is planned to not have any naval battles, not even landing in Troy lands, this is disappointing in my opinion. I'm done with Total War saga because is lacking of this amazing feature, believe me or not, but I started playing Total War because of the naval battles in Empire Total War.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the video, I think I will replay it, because contains very useful information of a topic I am really interested in. Thank you for sharing this video.

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