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Thread: The Total War Chat Thread

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    I dunno man. Shogun 2 is probably the best example of the "rock paper scissors" syndrome that I was talking about. In fact, it was probably my least favorite game, tied with Rome 2.

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    Shogun 2's sell was polish, certainly not innovation in creative gameplay. It's appeal is a simple application of the total war formula on a polished scale, much like the original was, but after medieval I could never really enjoy that simplicity again, and it seemed history strongly repeated with the next version.

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    Empire Total War is the game I usually play. It's a shame CA never optimized/fixed bugs in this game, just like did with Rome 2. Because of the scale of this game, I think suits better with later 18th century warfare in North America (United States and Canada). I don't have much idea about this part of the History since I focused in my readings in Europe, but because of this reason I think probably is time to play "The Road to Independence" campaign and start reading about the topic, I have some interesting books from Osprey Publishing and I probably can find others in

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    I'm against the idea of hard counters in general. I get that they must exist for some cases (cavalry chasing down archers), but I'd much rather see a layered approach. I.e. elite units beat everything but cost a lot/long training time. Bad units have low morale, and so on. Honestly, hard counters in a game like Total War is just lazy game design.

    Then again, when they do get overly creative, with stuff like Roma 2 unit cards, I really hate that too.

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