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Thread: Creating & Editing Unit Recruitment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcolm View Post

    Hi all,

    So I'd really like to start a mod that brings back areas of recruitment and I figured that this place is the best place to find people who will have an idea of where to go. Thanks to this thread and others I started playing around and trying to get it to work but I am hitting some odd problems that hopefully someone knows where I'm going wrong.

    So the basic workflow:
    - I am trying to add a unit to the Circenn faction, but this unit should only be recruited in the Circenn region.
    - I picked an existing Irish unit (freemen spearmen) to add to the Circenn region.
    - I duplicated the unit in "main_units" and renamed the first entry "sco_freemen_spearmen" - everything else was kept the same as the original "iri_freemen_spearmen"
    - I added a new mercenary_pool called "circenn"
    - I added the unit to mercenary_unit_groups.
    - I added this new unit to mercenary_pool_to_group_junctions.
    - I set up the province for the pool in province_to_mercenary_set_junctions
    - I added the unit to vik_sco in the units_to_groupings_military_permissions table.

    At this point I went through and exported the tables (I was using assembly kit). I followed all the instuctions for the assembly kit, including pasting the correct files to the correct folders before running bob.

    Then I ran bob, created a new pack file containing all the edited files and a new startpos. Everythign came up green.

    But here is the problem. Now when I am in game as Circenn, Freemen Spearmen are now available in the province of Circenn - all good there. But they are also available in the other province of Monadh and oddly enough, there are two of them available in Monadh (pictures of that below)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    If anyone can see what has gone wrong here, please let me know. If you need any more info or screenshots, just ask and I can get some more uploaded.

    After spending a long time trying what seems like an infinite number of combinations - it turns out that they key to solving the issue was making sure you replace the existing unit's pool with the new one (eg. circenn), and make sure you DO NOT add that pool to the faction Circenn. If it is assigned to the province, but not the faction, the game will only read one of the units rather than doubling it.

    Still have the problem with the UI and the white box appearing in the corner of the units though.

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    Default Re: Creating & Editing Unit Recruitment

    Hi all,

    i am very new to modding but i manage to merge some mods (AGU & Swiss Units and Formation & abilities mods).
    However when i add a new units I cannot make my pack work : on launch I have a crash to Desktop.

    is there any way to know why the game is crashing like a debug mode when loading mods or something like that ?

    many thanks for your help.

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