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Thread: More Meaningful Estates

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    Default More Meaningful Estates

    In my opinion the problems caused by estates were too easily resolved, this is my attempt to rectify that.

    What the mod does:

    It now costs 1000 gold to give an estate. This represents the fact that you have lost the income that estate would bring you.
    Conversely stripping a character of an estate gives you 750 gold, representing the estate coming back under your control.

    The mod makes giving away estates more difficult, but also makes stripping an estate an attractive option if you are desperate for the gold.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Further thoughts and bugs:

    I desperately wanted to make it so that giving away an estate reduced the income that estate generated by some fraction, unfortunately it does not seem possible to track which estate goes where, nor the number of estates a character has.

    The current mod is the best alternative I could think of, but their are a couple of issues.
    i) It is possible to hand over an estate when you don't have the money to do so, I will try and find a way to disable the button and stop this happening
    ii) The incident triggered by granting an estate has a chance of appearing at an unrelated time, however, it should not reduce the amount you have in your treasury
    iii) doesn't work in multiplayer
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    Awesome idea! I was really thinking that while estates were a cool addition they should really affect income more. I feel like estates owned by the crown should generate more income for the player than estates held by your nobles (to represent the taxes going to them). I think I just really want a more feudal total war game, though this is definitely a step in the right direction.
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    Yeah that was the original plan for the mod, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible.

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    Default Re: More Meaningful Estates

    you should add to your issues that it is not MP compatible.

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    Doesn't work with Crucible of Kings unfortunately!

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    Default Re: More Meaningful Estates

    Good idea for a second start. But it's not too complicated with loyalty now?
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    what if you took over an estate in wartime, dont have the money but all your nobles dislike you for too many estates under your personal control?

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