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Thread: MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

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    Default MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

    Creative Workshop Competitions - Check out our sister competitions here on TWC! << Picture of the Week | Tale of the Week | Monthly Writers' Study Competitions | Graphics Workshop Monthly Competition >>

    Special thanks to cedric37 for designing our new MAARC banner, you are invited to thank him with rep:

    This is the submission/nomination thread for MAARC LXXVI!


    Two updates are needed since May 1, 2018.

    Only one entry per person.

    The first place winner in the previous competition cannot enter this one.

    Only work that is posted on TWC is eligible to enter.

    Writers' Study Staff have discretion to disqualify nominations where it would be unfair to allow them to enter, for example in cases of plagiarism.

    If you have a question or want to check whether an entry is eligible, please send a private message to a member of the Writers' Study Staff.


    Advertising the competition is allowed. Inviting people to submit their writing is okay.

    Asking for votes for a particular submission is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

    Breaking the rules will result in measures at the discretion of the Writers' Study Staff.


    Authors are encouraged to submit their own work.

    To enter, post on this thread with all of the following information:

    • the author's name
    • the title (with a link to the thread)
    • a short description/teaser
    • the game(s) used
    • details (if applicable) of mod(s) used
    • details (if applicable) of faction

    If you want to nominate someone else's AAR, you must ask for (and obtain) their permission before posting the nomination.


    Six entries are needed to run a regular competition.

    If, after a month, we have fewer than six entries, then we wait until there are three or more submissions.


    • 4 points for the Winner
    • 3 points for Second Place
    • 2 points for Third Place

    If the competition has fewer than six entries, then first place will receive three points and second place will receive two.

    Points are accumulated towards the awarding of the Writers' Study Competition Medals.

    • 6 points - bronze medal
    • 12 points - silver medal
    • 24 points - gold medal

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

    Author- Caesar16
    Title- The Restoration of the Empire
    The once mighty Roman Empire is now in decline as centuries of defeats, civil wars and wars have brought the empire to its knees. This is a story that traces the restoration of the Empire starting from the reign of the great Emperor Alexios I Comnenus. The Empire is once more surrounded by enemies. Will it be able to restore itself in this new era or will it be ripped apart?
    I feel proud to present to you all-
    A vanilla Byzantine AAR with awesome pics and informative maps showing the rise of true Romans to their former glory. You will find Naval battles, politics, family matters and much more.
    Game used- Medieval 2 Vanilla
    Faction- The Byzantine Empired
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    My AAR- The Restoration of the Empire-A Vanilla Byzantine AAR

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

    Author: Seether
    Title: A Wolf Among Sheep
    Description: AAR follows the exploits and tragedy of Qu Yi, a famed general in ancient China during the Three Kingdoms period, as he battles not only the enemies of his liege, but also jealous allies, internal politics and intrigue, and his own inner demons.
    Game: Medieval II: Total War
    Mod(s): Rise of Three Kingdoms v1.6 beta
    Faction: The Yuan Clan
    Member of the Imperial House of Hader - Under the Benevolent Patronage of y2day
    A Wolf Among Sheep: A Rise of Three Kingdoms AAR

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

    I guess mine could go in as well.

    Author: Kilo11
    Title: Written in Sand
    Description: AAR is a slower-paced more novel-like piece following the exploits of Mun'at Ha'Qadri, a Nabataean general who is tasked with uniting the tribes of Arabia, but has dreams of his own to conquer the settlements of the Nile. Along the way his men will encounter not just the perils of war but of exposure and the harsh realities of desert crossings, not to mention the arrogance and foolishness of princes.
    Game: Medieval 2: Total War
    Mods: Europa Barbarorum v2.3
    Faction: Halmalkot ha'Nabati (Nabataeans)
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    Default Re: MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

    The land of beauty.

    Japan is sacred, anyone would tell you that, why question otherwise. The Fujiwara are like an ornament on this beauty of Japan.
    A Rots AAR
    mad orc
    Life is beautiful

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

    The Saga of Haraldr Yngling and the Nordmanna

    A Medieval II: Total War AAR
    Mod: Last Kingdom
    Author: theSilentKiller

    Long have the men of the north lived separted and quarrelled with each other.
    The new Jarl of Vestfold, merely a boy who succeeded his father too early, swore to unite his people and create a kingdom for the Nordmanna.

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

    New Town
    by Alwyn

    Game: Rome II: Total War
    Mod: A More Aggressive AI (and others)
    Faction: The Republic of Carthage

    Carthage fought Rome and won. Now, Carthage is under attack from the Triple Alliance - and is losing the war.
    Passaris, a young general of Carthage, has a plan.

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

    Author - Darkan
    Title - The Danish House of Hen
    Teaser - The happenings in Denmark, told mainly by the king's second born, Prince Magnus.
    Game - Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms
    Mod - Deus lo Vult (DLV) 6.2
    Faction - Denmark
    [DLV 6.2 AAR] - The Danish House of Hen - updated 20/08/18 - on hold
    [King of Dragon Pass AAR] - The Drakkar Saga - updated 14/04/18 - on hold
    Participate in the TotW!!! PARTICIPATE!!!

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXVI Submissions/Nominations Thread

    Author: TurkafinwŰ
    Title: To earn a Kingdom
    Description: The story tells about Aragorn and the Northern D˙nedain to reclaim their Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor. Currently the war against Angmar takes new heights as our heroes battle for their freedom!
    Game: Medieval II Total War
    Mod's: Third Age Total War with the submod Divide and Conquer V2.1
    Faction: Northern D˙nedain

    Chapter XXVII: The Choice
    #JusticeForAkar #JusticeForCal #JusticeForCookie #JusticeForAthelchan

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