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Thread: The 75th MAARC (MAARC LXXV) - The Winners!

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    Default The 75th MAARC (MAARC LXXV) - The Winners!

    Creative Workshop Competitions - Check out our sister competitions here on TWC! << Picture of the Week | Tale of the Week | Monthly Writers' Study Competitions | Graphics Workshop Monthly Competition >>

    The 75th MAARC - MAARC LXXV

    Congratulations to the winners of this special competition!

    In FIRST PLACE is Toutatis Favours the Brave by Welsh Dragon. This tale of Boduognatus and the Nervii - and their conflict with the Eburones - has been rightly praised for both the quality of its writing, and the quality of its screenshots. The writing conjures up a real sense of atmosphere and of the various characters. Welsh Dragon receives four Writers' Study points for this win - and there will be some additional rep, since this is a special competition.

    In SECOND PLACE is An Orcs Tale by Maltacus. This long-running story of the orc Malthur, and his efforts to gain power and influence for himself within the highly competitive and treacherous army of Mordor has led us into (and out of) many battles. So far Malthur has survived and prospered, but surely someone will soon notice the power he is gathering. Maltacus receives three Writers' Study points for this second place, and will also receive some rep.

    In THIRD PLACE is To earn a Kingdom by Turkafinwë, earning the author immortal renown with a place in the Hall of Fame. He also receives two Writers' Study points, as well as some rep. This AAR is set in an alternate universe version of Middle-Earth, and tells the story of Aragorn's quest to become king of both Arnor and Gondor. We have already shared several adventures with Aragorn - most recently at Deadman's Dike - and no doubt there are plenty more to come!

    Thanks to all our entrants, and all our voters, and many congratulations to our winners!

    The submission thread is here, and the voting thread is here.
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    Default Re: The 75th MAARC (MAARC LXXV) - The Winners!

    Congratulations to Welsh Dragon, Maltacus and Turkafinwë on your well-earned victories in this special MAARC! I am enjoying all of your AARs and hope that this win will encourage more people to discover them. Thanks to Caillagh for running the competition, to the other entrants and all who voted.

    (The 50th MAARC was in 2014. I wonder when the 100th MAARC will happen, what styles of AAR writing people will be using then - and what the Writers' Study will do to celebrate. Of course, the best way to find out is to keep supporting the MAARC - the submissions thread for the MAARC LXXVI is open now.)
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    Default Re: The 75th MAARC (MAARC LXXV) - The Winners!


    I'm not the avidest reader of AARs and left the voting to more knowledgeable members, but from the reviews I've seen (in An Orc's Tale case) and from passages of the three stories I've read, I say you are all worthy winners!

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    Default Re: The 75th MAARC (MAARC LXXV) - The Winners!

    Wow third place for my very first entry, I did not see that coming. Needless to say I am very pleased about this and would like to thank everyone who voted for me.
    I congratulate Welsh Dragon on his most deserved victory and Maltacus' in second place. I enjoy both tales very much and will continue to follow them.

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    Default Re: The 75th MAARC (MAARC LXXV) - The Winners!

    Congrats to the three! Well done!
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    Default Re: The 75th MAARC (MAARC LXXV) - The Winners!

    Thank you everyone. I definitely wasn't expecting this and I'm honoured to have won such a special MAARC. Congratulations to the other winners and to everyone who entered, I know just how difficult it can be to pluck up the courage to share your writing with others, let alone enter a competition. And thank you to everyone who voted.

    All the Best,

    Welsh Dragon.

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    Default Re: The 75th MAARC (MAARC LXXV) - The Winners!

    Congratulations to Welsh Dragon, Maltacus and Turkafinwë! This was a great contest and all deserve the recognition. I am following all the threads with 'relish' and will continue to do so.

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