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Thread: Post your RTR8 Screens, and Empires here!

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    Default Post your RTR8 Screens, and Empires here!

    This is the fun thread, post your empires, cool battles, or crazy characters here!

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    Default Re: Post your RTR8 Screens, and Empires here!

    Roman Campaign; Adventures of Gaius Fabius.

    It all started in Sicily. After quick and successful campaign Siracusae was captured, and Gaius Fabius, leaving only small garrison to pacify the locals, marched west. His army was relatively small, but strengthened with some greek loyalists happy for romans removing their tyrannic ruler Hiero. A victorious army then besieged Agrigentum, but the garrison of the town was too small... Suspiciously small. Gaius Fabius ordered his men to double night patrols, but his scouts failed to notice carthaginian forces marching to smash small roman force. At the morning, Gaius found that his army was cornered with carthaginian professional soldiers, libyan veterans, balearic slingers, numidian cavalry and towered elephants... He just have a little time to make final preparations, when carthaginians attacked, confident in victory. A hot fight ensued, and ...
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    Unbelievable, but he managed to win this day! Carthaginians were utterly crushed, and Oscan Cavalry and loyal greek Acontistai pursued routers till sunset.
    Happy greek volunteers celebrating the victory
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    Gaius and his men returned to siege camp, tired, dirty and bloodstained. But the battle for Agrigentum was not over yet. Carthaginians regrouped their forces after defeat of their main host, and attacked weakened army of brave roman!
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    This time his men were absolutely confident. Angry at carthaginians for losing many good friends in previous fight, romans and their loyal greek friends rushed into battle, wreaking havok and destruction. Carthaginian mercenaries, having no reason to fight to the last man, having no good leader this time, quickly routed. Another great victory and finally Agrigentum captured!
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    Gaius spend another year pacifying Sicily and capturing remaining carthaginian settlements, while planning to march east, to Greece, where rises macedonian power oppressing greek cities, and where illyrian pirate nest was growing, crippling the trade of both the greeks and romans.
    Meanwile, inspired by Gaius' success, another roman general rushed small ambitious operation against carthaginian settlements on Corsica and Sardinia. Despite nuragic warriors and corsi javelinmen fighting fiercely with invading romans, they were outnumbered, and heavily armored professional roman soldiers dispelled their pitiful resistance. Soon enough romans begun to build their new western colony on southern coast of Sardinia...
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    Gaius forces were on the march east, while catastrophic volcanic eruption occured. Luckily, his army was far away from a disaster location, thus taking little to no losses.
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    And at last, Gaius' soldiers are in Northern Greece! All the treasures of old macedonian dynasty, as well as a lot of power and resources for further growth of a Roman Empire, lays ahead.
    Having both italian allies and greek loyalists in his army, roman general is advancing!
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    Default Re: Post your RTR8 Screens, and Empires here!

    That's a well made post, I'd say.

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    Default Re: AAR - the Antigonid Dynasty campaign.


    The Antigonid Dynasty lasted 58 yrs, from 270BC to 212BC. During that time, we had three faction leaders. The economy provided steady income of about 6500 denarii per turn, which is the equivalent of 3 military units. This only allowed for slow expansion since a fair portion went to building infracstructure. We had no trouble with unrest for the most part. We managed to gain control of the entire Greek mainland plus in 223BC we captured Tarentum and we held it for 11 years. We were able to contain the Roman invasion for the most part, but our downfall was precipitated by our acceptance of an alliance with the Selecid Empire in 228BC. The resulted in war with the Ptolemaic Empire which invaded southern Greece through Athens. After 16 yrs, they managed to break us. We won the majority of our tactical battles and won 66% of the 95 battles. In the end, Ptolemaic Empire is ranked over 400,000, Pontus at 210,000, the Germanic Tribes at 200,000, Rome at 180,000, Baktria at 175,000. At our height, we ranked at 100,000 and ended at 50,000.

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    Default Re: Post your RTR8 Screens, and Empires here!

    Anyone else running a campaign right now ? can i see screenshots please? I will be posting my Baktrian campaign in this thread

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