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Thread: Issues with background script

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    I can't get the background script running after loading a save....anytime the advisor pops up, only two buttons are visible (the two below the advisor portrait are invisible). When I hover over one of them, tooltip appears saying "Start background script" but no script runs if I click there.

    Any advice/tips?

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    No idea, as I was not part of the dev team. Most of them aren’t around anymore either.

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    Hi, lukertin!
    Make sure that you restart the game every time prior to loading a save game. Because of the way the script works, you should always restart the game before loading any saved games. Hope this helps, let me know!
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    And just clicking the portrait should work

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    Speaking of issues with the background script, somewhere along the line in the Gold patch I think the script broke and the fog of war stays off after the second battle. RIP

    (btw, open the cheat menu (usually ` left oft he 1), type toggle_fow and hit enter. Make sure you don't accidentally type `toggle_fow though)
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