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Thread: Missed event "Maximilian become Prince-elector"!!!

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    Icon3 Missed event "Maximilian become Prince-elector"!!!

    During the Thirty Years' war, he obtained the title of a Prince-elector at the 1623 ( Diet of Regensburg )
    The trait is not very well ( only increise moral and moviment ) but it has an important political and historical value for that period, not only in Germany and HRE but even in Europe. He fought the war to guarantee this privilege for him and for his duchy ( Wittelsbach dynasty in Bayern ), and he obteined it in the Westfalia Peace

    Sorry, I'm a very historical critic because I love this period and this war but it's a very good mod with tiny error ( for example Denmark would own of Heligoland, not Ostfriesland... )
    Superb job, common

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    Default Re: Missed event "Maximilian become Prince-elector"!!!

    Information like this is always welcome. I am not not much of a history buff, but monguntiacum should welcome the info.

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    Did you welcome the info, Monguntiacum?

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