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    Default The Citizens Handbook

    The Citizens Handbook.

    A. Behavioural Guidelines for Citizens.

    1. Citizenship is awarded to you by the Curia at the recommendation of your Patron. Your manner of posting should reflect their trust.
    2. Your actions reflect upon every Citizen and the Curia as a whole. Think twice before pressing the submit button.
    3. Always use discretion when addressing Moderation actions. Use private messages instead of public posts, wherever possible.
    4. Be welcoming and polite towards new members. Hubris is the worst attribute a Citizen can exhibit.
    5. Support your posts with evidence, and never display work that is not your own without links or proper attribution to the author(s).
    6. Avoid bringing off-site arguments in to Curial procedures unless absolutely necessary. If you have a grievance seek impartial advice first.
    7. Visit the help and technical forums. Many of us had our first encounter with TWC there, and therefore we should make it pleasant for new members.
    8. Avoid personal attacks. When extremely incensed move away from the keyboard.
    9. Before submitting a Citizen Referral, first consider whether you have misunderstood their intent and seek endorsement of your grievances.

    B. Patron & Client Guidelines.

    1. Your relationship with your Patron/Client is what you make of it.
    2. The patron should advise their client in terms of Curia etiquette and demeanour.
    3. The patron should not in any other way attempt to influence the actions of their Client, nor make demands of them.
    4. The Client should consider obtaining advice from his patron on any matters related to the Constitution or the Terms of Service that they feel unsure about.
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