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Thread: Some annoying shite the AI does in unmodded TWW2...

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    Icon8 Some annoying shite the AI does in unmodded TWW2...

    Hello, this is sort of a half-discussion and half-vent thread
    I love tww1 and tww2 but honestly it has the most annoying AI artificial bonuses i have ever seen.

    I have been playing TWW 2 at Hard difficulty and without any gameplay related mods (just camera stuff and appearances)
    The AI in TWW 2 campaigns is often doing some really annoying in my games like:

    1. Some factions (like kroq'gar) spawn with ridiculous starting armies...
    I was playing the (hard) High queen khalida and early on i defeated the hostile vampires and went south to see can i challenge kroq'gar with my several skeleton armies (around turn 23).
    However the first army i saw kroq owns has 3 feral carnos, 2 ancient stegadons, a number of bastilladons and regular stegadons, few cold ones and the rest are saurok warriors with shields?!
    It feels so outrageously lame to have an AI start the game with such a ridiculous army that probably costs him 0 upkeep to boot.
    I can not do anything to him for the next 70+ turns and all i can hope is bribe him while hoping he does not declare war on me for no reason (as the ai often does).

    2. The "faction strength" in diplomacy is a complete lie or bugged.
    In a similar game as Tomb Kings i attacked Queek (red skaven) since i was rated as strength rank 5 and he was rated as strength rank 53 (FIFTY THREE) and had only 2 cities.
    I started attacking his city with all 3 of my armies when in the very next turn he comes up behind me with THREE armies full of medium to high tier skaven units.
    Even one of those armies would be deadly versus my poor undead, but somehow on just two cities he maintains upkeep for 3 powerful armies AND it does not reflect at all in the power rank in diplomacy?!...

    3. The AI seems to either have respawning armies that cost 0 gold, or has a 99% upkeep reduction.
    Often i see single-city AI factions that maintain 3 to 6 medium to high tier armies for 50+ turns while having less than 3000 gold total income (including the background income which is 2500).
    I can accept that AI has SOME discounts but giving them flat out 99% upkeep reduction (or whatever discount it is) is just gameplay breaking, lame and irritating to fight against.

    I know that the AI in tww2 is so awful it needs a lot of artificial help and bonuses to make it actually do anything.
    And i do know there are a ton of mods that can change anything in tww2's gameplay.
    But it feels REALLY pathetic and lame that by default the game's AI has bonuses that feel extremely un-fun and annoying to go up against.
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    Default Re: Some annoying shite the AI does in unmodded TWW2...

    The below text is an awesome explanation by the legendary CeltiK, maker of custom AIs for Total War games and many other amazing mods and community works.

    "Sorry, but I've seen many posts like this one on the forums or even in the comments section of my mods with ridiculous lies about how the AI can "spawn armies everywhere" or "recruit 20 units in 1 turn" or "have 6 stacks with no income" or my favorite "the AI doesn't pay anything and has no need for an economy". So when I see another one my patience is just wearing thin.

    So it's a good thing you posted those screenshots, we'll go through them one by one.

    1) That Lizardmen dino stack is in fact spawned by performing a rite, so there's nothing wrong with it and it's not just for the AI. You might consider it OP and you're right, it's borderline cheating and I don't know what the guys over at CA were thinking but it's not an AI cheat.

    2) When the AI only got 1 settlement remaining it goes into a "last stand" state, meaning it will spend almost all its income into units. So with around 3000 income (including the base income) and no upkeep penalty for additional Lords that is specific to the Bretonnians, the AI can indeed maintain 2 full stacks of cheap infantry with one settlement. They can be defeated easily in battle but on the campaign map they look intimidating

    3) The diplomacy power bar is the same than the autoresolve one. It is the sum of all units in a faction compared to the sum of all units of the other faction. And the Skaven power bar is very undervalued leading to ridiculous results in autoresolve. Anyone who did autoresolve sea battles with Skaven knows what I'm talking about. So you're right on this one, it's not accurate but the cause is no the AI, it's the broken "working as intended" autoresolve we've got with TWW2.

    I hope those explanations will be useful "

    Personally i understand the issues i mentioned in my opening thread a lot better thanks to CeltiK and i can actually play around them in the game so that i counter the AIs unique behavior and benefits (as well as the auto-resolve deceptions).

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