Hi team.
I am wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to better deal with these two factions. This will be more lf a rant. It's not that I can't eventually end these factions - it's more to dealing with them exhausts my will to continue the campaign further.

After playing through several campaigns with Hellenika I find there is no greater annoyance than Makedon and Thessaly.

Removing them immediately would be ideal but as Athens for example..you have a lot more on your priority list early and mid game.
My biggest grief with these two factions is how quickly they expand and how meaningless your battles can be against them.

I absolutely love the intensity of dealing with the primary factions. You really feel your back to the wall as Athens...Boetians, Korinthians, Spartans all invading. It is arguably the best TW experience I ever had.

The struggle to maintain the Delian league, dynamic events and then eventually the Persians! Beyond intense...
The great aspect of those battles is the significance each one has. When you defeat a spartan army - you are really hindering their ability to continue the war effectively with each unit lost. The same goes for your own units.
Thessaly and Makedon on the other hand, recruit endless units. I find myself destroying stack after stack with little result. . The city ranges are very far so it is difficult to consolidate your gains. As this SHOULD be difficult. One does not simply march into thessaly. Difficult terrain, long distances, great cav. I know it cant be easy...it's just I find it hard to imagine these factions would be able to take so many casualties and continue the war as effectively as they do.

How effective were they really in history at this time? I find these two factions more difficult to resolve than the main peloponnesian league but it's possibly just in my head.

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