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Thread: The 2018 Winter Olympics

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    Default The 2018 Winter Olympics

    Some interesting figures attended the opening ceremony.

    And Ivanka Trump will attend the closing ceremony.

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    Default Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics

    Kinda sad. One of most important sporting events of the year is nearly over, spawning several huge surprises-Germany in the finals of ice hockey, first woman to win two gold medals in two different sports in one olympic games, and only post about it here is more political than sporting.

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    Default Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics

    I liked the really mediocre half-pipe skier who had gotten into the Olympics by abusing loopholes and was really terrible compared to everyone else.

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    Default Re: The 2018 Winter Olympics

    Norway is still on top in total medals won since the Winter Olympics were started 23 games ago. 368 medals and USA is in 2nd place with 305. I o not know how to work out the relative size of the nations to factor in the medal count, but that would make the Norwegian success even more impressive.

    Oh and congrats on the USA victory in curling -- a true sport that does not need medicinal aids.

    (Did I really say a true sport? My goodness... I will take a broom and sweep this clean. My mistake.)

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