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Thread: Unit Speed and Missile Kill Rate

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    Default Unit Speed and Missile Kill Rate

    Hey guys,

    I am into a campaign as Corinth and I really love it. The replenishment and AoR systems make you consider seriously whether to fight a certain battle or not, whether it is actually worth it or not and whether you can replenish your troops fast enough in case you have too many loses. The same goes for amphibious invasions; the slow movement of armies on water necessitates long-term planning. Great!

    However, what I do not like at all is the unit speed and the missile kill rate. The soldiers move way too fast on the battle field, it looks almost as if the game is in fast-forward mode... totally ridiculous. Maybe this is the vanilla Rome 2 setting (which I do not know, because I have never played the vanilla version), but for me, it really clashes with the otherwise great historical approach of Hellenika. The same for the missile kill rate; for example archer arrows kill enemy units (especially skirmishers and lightly armed units) like flies... I had situations where entire units were wiped out in what was not even a minute! I understand that arrows are a serious danger for unarmoured soldiers, but this seems a bit too much for me and together with the insane unit speed makes the battles even shorter than they already are...

    So is there any mod that reduces these two things (especially the unit speed, my main problem) that I can use without messing up Hellenika?

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    Hey mate.
    I am certain the unit speed is considerably reduced in this mod. When grouping my phlanax together I ensure to put them in a formation such as "issus". And ensure they are not on run mode. It can take quite a bit of time for the engagement begin (I tend to waste time taking screenshots because the aesthetics of this mod and era are too glorious).

    The kill rate is also decreased BIG time. Yes skirmishers will drop easily. I always put them behind my phalanx. Arrows against a forward facing phalanx will not do too much damage and then my skirmishers and cav seek to route enemy skirmishers and outflank their line.

    This mod is usually not compatible with others but I think you could test unit speed and kill speed mods to see if they improve your experience. I just can't promise if all of them will work but definitely search steam workshop and let us know.

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    Default Re: Unit Speed and Missile Kill Rate

    I am not sure why you experience such problems. I suspect some kind of conflict. You see there are certain mods that are made in such a way that even unchecked in mod manager remain active. So there is a chance that some old mod conflicts with Hellenika. As said above logically the movement speed should be at best a little bit faster than vanilla and only under specific circumstances (will explain a bit later what I mean here).

    For ranged attacks to be deadly on the phalanx usually it takes the missile unit to be behind or on the side. Usually up-front attacks can cause damage, yes, (see Sfakteria) but should not in any circumstances make Hoplites drop like flies..

    Now about the speed.. Generally speaking in Hellenika speed is not 100% the simulation of the actual unit moving rate. Speed relativity represents the effectiveness of a unit covering distances in the same amount of time, taking into consideration order and general's ability to lead (compared of course to the actual historic data) . A well trained unit under a well managed battlefield strategy can actually move faster than the same unit in an undisciplined army because that unit under the correct guidance would actually cover greater distances than the same untrained unit in a true battlefield. This was shown many times in true history where attackers got lost or moved to the wrong direction etc. Keep in mind that in Xenofon's march of the 10,000 the Greek organised infantry although heavy could chase and annihilate even Persian cavalry units in many cases.

    So here what we did in Hellenika to simulate all of the above. We used the "order system" described in manual and I think there is also a video of mine in youtube (probably here in TWC's Hellenika page) (EDIT: See HERE first video)

    Actual unit speeds are halved than in the original game. Units take speed boosts if they are 1) close to experienced phalanx units 2) inside the general's command aura 3) close to a cavalry unit and its command aura 4) under some specific general's abilities like the send a courier ability in which direct orders are arriving to a unit through a messenger. If a unit can stack multipliers from all the above sources then in some cases it can run much faster than it should in reality but this first of all happens extremely rarely (to get all the bonuses on the same time) and even in the few times this may happen, then the justification is that the unit due to its great organization can cover effectively greater distances than it should compared to other units in the same battlefield.

    The last thing I can think of is the possibility to have the custom battles sub mod on. This sub mod doubles the speed of units because in custom battles the order system described above does not work.

    Thanks for the feedback
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    Default Re: Unit Speed and Missile Kill Rate

    resurrecting this because i'm having the same problem. Battles last less than 5-10 minutes because the kill rate is insane. Hoplites are breaking and running after having skirmishers unload at them frontally. They don't suffer too many casualties but they just break and run after less than 2 minutes. Skirmishers just die instantly in skirmishing, and as soon as cavalry touches a line of skirmishers, they shatter.

    I'm using the Patch 20 beta Part 1

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