Hey guys,

I am into a campaign as Corinth and I really love it. The replenishment and AoR systems make you consider seriously whether to fight a certain battle or not, whether it is actually worth it or not and whether you can replenish your troops fast enough in case you have too many loses. The same goes for amphibious invasions; the slow movement of armies on water necessitates long-term planning. Great!

However, what I do not like at all is the unit speed and the missile kill rate. The soldiers move way too fast on the battle field, it looks almost as if the game is in fast-forward mode... totally ridiculous. Maybe this is the vanilla Rome 2 setting (which I do not know, because I have never played the vanilla version), but for me, it really clashes with the otherwise great historical approach of Hellenika. The same for the missile kill rate; for example archer arrows kill enemy units (especially skirmishers and lightly armed units) like flies... I had situations where entire units were wiped out in what was not even a minute! I understand that arrows are a serious danger for unarmoured soldiers, but this seems a bit too much for me and together with the insane unit speed makes the battles even shorter than they already are...

So is there any mod that reduces these two things (especially the unit speed, my main problem) that I can use without messing up Hellenika?