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Thread: AD: Bugs Thread

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    I've installed the newest 0.93 and i have a strange problem. I cant see somme buttons. For example i cant see any buttons in diplomacy or in the city managment, or i cant see how many solider i have when i start the battle. Is there any solution to my problem?

    Oh the mod is really great and awsome!

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    Does anyone know why the HRE gets destroyed very early in the game.

    Plushun: Download Alpaca's text fix and put in M2TW/data/text directory.

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    hi installed 0.93 onto vanilla m2:tw, it works all right, except that lesser factions thinks too much after a turn. i mean is that normal that they think 10 minutes after turn 1?

    at first i let it to go on but after 40 minutes i started a new game, and now it does the same. no error no nothing, it's just dont step to turn 2.

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    a couple of quick questions. Many mods i have downloaded...CAE, BC, TLR, UAI, DM, all cease to work after one day. Either the cmd box pops up for 2 seconds and it never loads or the battles don't work when i try to control them. IS AD one of the more stable mods? And i got AD to play once for 5 minutes, then i turned it off for the night, the next morning the small black box problem again. Can anyone offer me a spot of advice? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    I must wait 5 mins when i press end trun.

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    me too!!

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