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Thread: I ask for advice for my next moves

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    Default I ask for advice for my next moves

    Hello all you there!
    I'm a veteran TW player and after so much time rejecting this mod, i give it a second chance and i ing love it! Really guys, you made a amazing job. I can't wait to play a couple of campaigns to try the EB II.

    Well, now i'm playing my first campaign as Romani in M/VH. Why in CAI in Medium? Cause it's my first campaign and there's A LOT of things to know so i don't want to get frustating until i've learned all.

    So, i'm here to do you some questions and ask for advices. I'l share you a photo of my Republican right now:

    (Sorry for bad Quality, i can't take a IMPPANT!)

    As you can see, i'm at year 252 B.C.
    I'm not playing 100% History Accuracy, but i'm try to pretty much do it. I could say that i just won the first punic war 11 years before haha.
    I just recently take Syracuse, and finished the war. Now i'm peace with Carthage.

    I have two legions:

    Legio I: 4 Hastatii, 4 Principii, 4 Triarii, 3 Skirmishers, 3 Equites and 2 Generals. This Legio has take all the North Italy and Sicily, now they're coming back to Rome to celebrate the triumph.

    Legio II: Recently recluted, has 4 Hastatii, 4 Principii, 3 Skirmishers, 1 Equite and 2 Generals. They defeated the Gauls, forcing them to a momentary peace and later they have taken Sardinia and Corsica.

    So my question is, what should be my next move?
    I was thinking about invading Iberia, but i'm not sure about that. I need two full legions and a good fleet to face the invading, because every so often i have to send the legions back to italy to rearm them. And of course, i need a third Legion to defend myself from the Gauls.
    But the reality it's that i can afford all this right now.

    Massilia is a tentative option, but i'm not interested in expanding the front with the Gauls.

    It is recommended wait for the Polybian Reforms (I think i can recluit Legionares outside Italy, no?) and then continue conquering?

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    Default Re: I ask for advice for my next moves

    It might be a good idea to stabilize further your economy, and until the Polybian reforms, consolidate your hold on Italy. From experience, I know that the Gauls (Usually Arverni) and sometimes even Getai will like to invade northern Italy, and tie your resources up while Carthage recovers. Once you reach the reforms, build a few more legions and transport them to campaign in Greece for good auxiliaries and profitable trade routes. If you take Rhodes as well, there are good trade routes available there which many surrounding nations can contribute to. Keep in mind, Rhodes will usually be protected by a large, but relatively weak army of the Koinon Hellenon. You could also chose to attack Carthage, and if you inflicted heavy losses on them, the wealthy city will be ripe for the taking.

    I wouldn't go to war with the Gauls until you have at least 10 legions with skilled generals and high-morale traits. They will run you over.

    (P.S, if you press PrintScreen in game, it takes a screenshot of your game and you won't need to use a physical camera).

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    Default Re: I ask for advice for my next moves

    Thank you for your answer!

    I'been started a new campaign in H/H cause i learned a lot the aspects of the mod, so this time goes seriously.

    The thing is going like this:

    It's the end of the year 214 BC. After 58 years of war, i first get the complete dominance of Italy, Sicily and Cisalpine Gaul by the year 256 BC.
    Once this provinces were organized and the Alps closed with one and half legio, i start slowly the invasion of Spain in the year 250 BC.
    35 years later, after defeatings Gauls, Arverni, Punicii (cartage), Lusitans and Rebels, i successfully complete the conquest.

    Now, Spain look like this:

    I'm aware of the wealth of Spain, i the gold mines. Right now, i'm slowing romanizing this new provinces, stablishing first the status quo, and then build the mines. I think Spain will be fully developed between the years 200-190 BC, giving me a lot of money to start the invasion of the east.

    I have right now 6 legions in total:

    Legio I - In Patavium.
    Legio II - In Mediolanium.
    Legio III - In Massilia.
    Legio IV - North Spain
    Legio V - North Spain
    Legio VI - In the sea, coming back to Italy to rearm

    In the north of Spain:

    I only want to take Burdigala, Tolosa and maybe Gergovia. The Legions IV, V and III respectively will take care of the work. I have no interest in expanding beyond these borders, cause its easy to send reinforncements from italy by sea to these provinces. After that, i only want to wait to develop Spain.

    In the Alps:

    So that's the situation. Every advice for my next move will be greateful!!!

    After all this, i have two important's questions:

    1) I'm gettin in troubles with my Family Members. Most of them are excelent politicians (good management and influence) but not good commanders . And I fought a lot of battles! So, how I can recruit better generals?

    2) The second thing it's the Marian Reformans. How I can build Latifundia? I build Italian Gov I in all the homeland region...and it says that requires romanized province in the description....


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