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    A basic FAQ detailing some general need-to-know information,
    The below are frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

    How do I start or join a Hotseat game?
    See this thread for an introduction to Hotseats!

    Can I create as many Hotseat games as I like? Is there a limit? What is the Admin Cap?
    The current limit is 2 per main admin, if the admin is non-GS. If they share the admin passwords with GS, they are allowed to admin up to 5 games max as a main admin.

    Are there any other requirements to start a Hotseat or be Admin in a Hotseat?
    It's our policy that requires Admins share Admin Passwords with the Gaming Staff or Hex,
    but if you don't want to do this for whatever reason, your free to admin up to 2 games without sharing codes.
    Admins that do shares codes are trusted with the default admin cap of 5 main admin positions. Gaming Staff have a limit of 10.
    Co-Admins don't count as main admins but they got a cap of their own. The co-admin cap is currently 10 per player.

    The passwords will only ever be used if the admin in question has quit / needs replacing, and the players wish to continue.

    Are there any restrictions on rules? Can I create my own?
    There are no restrictions, although we recommend using the basics.

    Are there any restrictions on Player positions (not Admin positions)
    You can play in as many or as few Hotseats as you wish. No limits for players.

    What is Gaming Staff? What do they do? Can anyone join?
    See this thread. Gaming Staff are, in essence, managers of the community, but here to facilitate a positive gaming and hotseating experience in this section for all players regardless of staff involvement.
    More details at the aforementioned link. If you've any questions for Staff, ask us.

    Will any Gaming Staff members interfere in my Hotseats?
    Not unless you ask us to help, or we see serious rule / terms violations.
    It's up to the Admin to police his own game(s) and not GS. Unless asked to help.

    Can anybody Admin official Gaming Staff events and/or games?
    No. You can note any official Staff game by either the Gaming Staff name,
    or by the presence of rewards; that only Gaming Staff can offer in official Hotseats.
    It's the duty of Staff to run these events and Non-Staff are not
    applicable to admin them.

    In closing Gaming Staff invites you to ask any unanswered questions you may have, or anything you require clarity on. When in doubt, just ask us and we'll get back to you Asap! You can find a list of all HS Gaming Staff members here and can contact us via PM.
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