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    Welcome, now join a Hotseat and defend the realms of Total War!
    Please contact your local Admin to get assigned to your desired spot(s)


    Admin - Narsils_Shards


    Admin - Belthasar Bolton

    Winter Wars
    : Royce - Currently losing against Arryn in the battle for the Vale. The faction needs to rebuild the army and counterattack against a much stronger opponent. This position is suitable only for more experienced players or someone looking for a stiff challenge.

    ADOS IV: Bolton - Currently winning in the battle of the north against Stannis and Stark. Bolton has strong armies and an equally strong economy. The position is ideal for anyone to take.

    New to Hotseating and unsure how to get started? It's very simple. Follow these steps...
    1. Pick a faction and post on the thread with the name of said faction so that your admin knows your playing.
    2. When your turn is up you'll get a notification here on the site, be it via a private or visitor message. You've 24hrs to play.
    3. Play your turn within the 24 hours, or ask on the thread for an extension if you need extra time to play your turn.
    4. End your turn once finished and make a save. Send that save to the next player, and notify him as the previous player did to you.
    5. Wait for your next turn and repeat these steps. Give it a few shots and you'll be doing it with your eyes closed.

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