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Thread: Gaming Competition Sword | Site Awards

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    Default Gaming Competition Sword | Site Awards

    A basic public record of all points acquired towards Gaming Competition Medals,
    earned by winning official Gaming Staff competitions. If we've missed any, let us know.
    Medals WonMithridate - 4 - TagTeam Tournament / Updating...
    Ramble12 - 4 - Middlebloods II / 1v1 Tournament / Newbloods Italian Wars / 1v1 Tournament of 2018/19
    boernin - 3 - TES Newbloods VI / TAG 3rd season (a winner)
    Mergor- 2 - The End of Times / TAG 3rd season (a finalist)
    jimmy_dude - 2 - TAG 3rd season (a winner)
    DrMac - 1 - TagTeam Tournament
    Kolu2210 - 1 - TES Newbloods I
    Zender9 - 1 - TES Newbloods II
    ArBo - 1 - TES Newbloods III
    RedStar - 1 - SS Newbloods I
    Jadli - 1 - [GS] Of Forest and Fire - War in the North
    REDBOOSTY - 1 - TES Newbloods IV
    paladinbob - 1 - The End of Times
    AdmiralThrawn - 1 - The End of Times
    francisco - 1 - TAG 3rd season (a finalist)
    Potatoto - 1 - Like Rain on the mountain

    Medal Requirements Bronze Sword
    Awarded for winning a Gaming Competition.
    Silver Sword
    Awarded for winning a Gaming Competition three or more times.
    Gold Sword
    Awarded for winning a Gaming Competition six or more times.
    No player may earn more than 1 'point' from any Newblood game, meaning if somebody wins NB1 and NB2 it only counts as 1 point. The changes to the medal requirements were put into effect on December 22, 2016. Any medals granted before that should be considered as that player having won X amount of times. For example if somebody earned a Silver Sword prior to the requirement changes, we can consider him as having won 3 times.

    Gaming Staff will update this scoreboard where applicable. If you believe we've missed anything just let us know and we'll investigate Asap.

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    Default Re: Gaming Competition Sword | Site Awards

    Updated most recent results, lemme know if there is anything missing

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