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Thread: All Lua files in readable format (Battle, FrontEnd, UI, Army & Fleets etc)

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    Default All Lua files in readable format (Battle, FrontEnd, UI, Army & Fleets etc)

    As it became apparent that, during the years, nobody - or almost no one - had the ability to reliably take a look at the inner workings of Empire's UI system, and the few alternatives have either proven to create artifacts in the generated code or otherwise needed hex editing, I thought appropriate to share with the community the unmodified lua files in their old glory from when Empire wasnt patched up. Here I present to you several files which might prove to be useful to the most insightful people with programming skills and \ or simply the curious modder trying to figure out how things work.
    I find it particularly interesting because, as my limited programming knowledge permits me to understand, we have access to some extra variables regarding panels and how the general layout of the grand campaign screen works. It is my hope that now changing icon positions, layouts, and possibly modding how text entries operate, or even hook up internal data from the Army panel might be possible.
    As always, any number of advices or collaborations will be taken into account and added to further document this resource and complement the eventual evolution of ETW modding.

    The folder structure follows the exact same pattern as the one provided in patch.pak > UI, with the exact same files.

    Download Link (MEGA)
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    Default Re: All Lua files in readable format (Battle, FrontEnd, UI, Army & Fleets etc)

    Great work!

    I had the time to spend a look into the files. For now I did sadly not find on how to move UI thinks but I'm no expert so maybe I'm missing something or simply did not found things yet.

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