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Thread: [2.3] Romani gens question

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    Just want to thank the EB2 team for another stellar release, each one is improved upon the last. I do a Romani campaign after a whole number release and I like how you guys have reworked the starting family tree from 2.2. My question that I have could potentially be an issue. I'm about 100 turns in and I believe I've had 4 daughters get married, the thing I've noticed is that a majority of my potential suitors are of gens Sergia with the Orata cognomen. My question is is there a larger chance for certain gens to pop up when a potential suitor is presented?

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    The "gens" pool so to say seems to be very small. Or maybe it has something to do with the starting families because myself also seems to get FM/FH/Daughters/Sons and adoptions coming from the same Gens.

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    The Gens feature is similar to the Ethnicity trait of other factions. The starting 'pool' is generally tiny, but will expand later on, depending on factional size and turns spent. Just wait some more

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    Aha ok then i understand. So the further i play with the Romani for example the more "Gens" will pop-up later on, midgame and so forth?

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