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Thread: How to deal with rebel armies?

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    Icon4 How to deal with rebel armies?

    I'm playing as Milan, and after I took Casale a big rebel army with lots of cavalry spawned and tried to take it back. I defeated the army and marched east to fight a war...then the same army spawned and tok the town from me again!

    What causes rebel armies to spawn? How do I stop this army from perpetually reappearing and stealing my rightfully earned land?

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    The armount of rebel armies is determined in the descr_strat file; brigand_spawn_value 50 ( rebels ) pirate_spawn_value 90 ( rebels) . The game simply reads how many rebel armies there are and if the ceiling hasn't been hit, it'll spawn a new army. Simply increase the number within the descr_strat to lower the amount of rebel armies that are present. For instance, 9000 would mean virtually no rebel armies but I do have to say, 50 means a whole lot of rebel armies.

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