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Thread: Military History Visualized streams HOI3

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    Default Military History Visualized streams HOI3

    Military History Visualized is playing HoI3 with the AHOI-Mod.
    If you ever wanted to see an real historian playing the AHOI-Mod have a look here:

    All previous streams:

    The informative YouTube channel of Military History Visualized:
    Play WW-I up to the Cold War! Soon possible with the "AHOI-Mod"!
    One of the most played Mod for "Hearts of Iron 3".
    Infos around Hearts of Iron 3 and the AHOI-Mod:
    - blog -___-forum-___-facebook-___-twitter-
    Widescreen GUI Mod for Hearts of Iron 3(also for HPP/AS/RPM/BlackICE)

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    Default Re: Military History Visualized streams HOI3

    I've seen a WONDERFUL video about German Squad tactics in WW2 on that channel of Youtube, really a great channel!

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