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    What I would like to see is Med2 and even Rome 1 with blood mods. If CA is revitalizing these older games and want to bring them in line with newer realeases, this is the game changer. Blood mods For med2, Rome 1, Empires and Napoleon. I'd pay for those dlc. Med 2 was such a great game that there is no point in redoing it, but fix the one that is already out.
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    there is blood in game g
    and that is as close as you can get because bood like you see in STW2 and on require a new graphics engine and if you update this game to do that you also need to upgrade the game to multi core support and because the UI will look outdated in comparison to the new graphics that will need updating as well and so on and on
    that it is cheaper and easier to just start MTW3 from scratch
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    Default Re: Blood DLC

    Actually there is a blood mod for M2TW:

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    Default Re: Blood DLC

    Is this properly optimized? the mod i mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yesugatai Khan View Post
    Is this properly optimized? the mod i mean
    You could ask that question here or here, but I don't know if Magus is active anymore.
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    Default Re: Blood DLC

    Crimson Tide has been used for ages in almost all mods that are out there. Simply check if it has an 'overlay_texture' folder.

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