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Thread: Crashing when attempting to start or load a campaign

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    Default Crashing when attempting to start or load a campaign

    So, my Napoleon: TW was working fine up until yesterday. Then, essentially out of nowhere, it just crashed every time I tried to load anything.

    Things I've tried;

    Every combination of graphics settings
    Verified Integrity of Game Files (10 times) - every time I validate it says one file is missing and redownloads it.
    Completely clean uninstall, download and reinstall (3 times)
    Ensured all Napoleon-related files were removed from my computer prior to reinstall

    No matter what I've done so far, the problem persists. The loading bar will be precisely 1/20 of the way up and I'll get two crash to desktop error reports, and it'll crash afterwards. I considered that hardware might be an issue, but I've played it for a good while before this with no problems - I got my laptop I think a year and a bit after Napoleon came out, and the specs were pretty mid range at the time so I don't think that's the problem. Also considered if I'd made any changes to my system's software, but I haven't - I've been on Windows 10 since I got N:TW. In any case, my DxDiag is attached.


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    Default Re: Crashing when attempting to start or load a campaign

    It seems like you've covered all the troubleshooting bases. Perhaps a driver has broken, or something, so maybe try checking your drivers.

    Beyond that I can't help much. The guys in The Basement might be able to make use of your DxDiag.txt, so feel free to make a new thread there.
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    Default Re: Crashing when attempting to start or load a campaign

    Any mod installed?

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