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Thread: Problem with grouping units and battle formations/controls

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    Default Problem with grouping units and battle formations/controls

    Greetings all, just started playing Warhammer recently, so I know i'm late to the party.
    I've played pretty much all the TW games since Shogun and this is the first time i've had any issues with in-battle controls and formations. Basically, I am unable to keep my army in formation.

    So in the deployment phase, as usual, I carefully place all units in optimum formation... spears to the front, heavy infantry and archers behind, cavalry to the flanks etc etc.
    Then, once everyone is where they're supposed to be, I select all units I want to stick together and press the "Group" button, somtimes grouping together the whole army depending on unit composition. Maybe seperate groups for faster units like cavalry or whatever, but my main issue here is with the foot soldiers. Please bear with me.

    Then Start Battle, and I can move the whole army group anywhere on the battlefield and they will STAY IN THE SAME FORMATION that I laid out in the deployment phase. I can also hold down the right-mouse botton and wheel the army in any direction I want, or to face the enemy, and the formation is FIXED IN PLACE.

    Now in Warhammer Total War, none of this seems to be working for me anyore. When I move my "grouped" units, say infantry, they don't stay in formation and just form ONE LONG BATTLE LINE with out any sense: spearmen to the left, for example, and heavy infantry to the right. The same thing happens when I use the right mouse buttons to "wheel" the army. Even in the deployment phase, when I move the units after grouping them together, they dont stay in formation.

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or if i''m missing something. Like I said, I haven't had this issue in any other TW game, from Shogun, Rome, Medieval, Napoleon etc.

    Would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me out with this. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Problem with grouping units and battle formations/controls

    There is a padlock above each group, activate it so the group will stay in the pre-set position.

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    Default Re: Problem with grouping units and battle formations/controls

    There's also a box in the options somewhere that sets new groups to automatically lock IIRC

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