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    Default Submod for Falcom Total War 3 [WIP]

    Hi all!

    I'm working on a submod that aims to overhaul the factions, unit rosters, and campaign map. The setting is mostly the same, but moved ahead 100 years (beginning in 1204 and ending in the 1600s). Aside from this, I want to improve gameplay by rebalancing units, adding more stuff to other unit rosters, and by increasing the faction variety (mostly by replacing less important factions for better faction distribution on the campaign map). I'm also aiming to get rid of as many of the vanilla units as possible, so they'll take some time to make too.

    It's not really anywhere near finished, but I'd like some input!

    Factions (new factions marked with asterisks):
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Western Europe:
    -Kingdom of England - English, Roman Catholic, Western European culture
    -Kingdom of France - French, Roman Catholic, Western European culture. Preview.
    -Crown of Castile - Castilian (also considering Spanish), Roman Catholic, Western European culture. Preview.
    -Kingdom of Portugal - Portuguese, Roman Catholic, Western European culture.
    -Kingdom of Denmark - Danish, Roman Catholic, Western European culture
    -The Holy Roman Empire - German, Roman Catholic, Western European culture. Preview.
    -The Papal States - Papal, Roman Catholic, Western European culture

    Eastern Europe:
    -Kingdom of Poland - Polish, Roman Catholic, Eastern European culture
    -Kingdom of Hungary - Magyar (also considering Hungarian), Roman Catholic, Eastern European culture
    -The Roman Empire - Roman, Eastern Orthodox, Greco-Roman culture. Preview.
    -Republic of Novgorod - Novgorodian (also considering Russian), Eastern Orthodox, Eastern European culture

    Middle-East & India:
    -Sultanate of Rm - Seljuk (also considering Turkish), Islam, Middle-Eastern culture
    -The Ayyubid Caliphate - Ayyubid (also considering Egyptian), Islam, Middle-Eastern culture
    -The Pandyan Empire - Indian (also considering Pandyan), Hinduism, Middle-Eastern culture
    -*Shahdom of Khwarazm - Khwarazmian (also considering Persian), Islam, Middle-Eastern culture
    -*The Ghurid Sultanate - Ghurid, Islam, Middle-Eastern culture

    East & Southeast Asia:

    -The Sng Dynasty - Chinese, Buddhism, East Asian culture
    -The Kamakura Shogunate - Japanese, Buddhism, East Asian culture
    -The Angkor Empire - Khmer, Hinduism, Southeast Asian culture
    -*Kingdom of Koryŏ - Korean, Buddhism, East Asian culture
    -*Kingdom of Đại Việt - Vietnamese, Buddhism, East Asian culture

    -The Mongol Khanate - Mongol, Tengriism, East Asian culture. Preview.
    -The Great Jin Dynasty - Jurchen, Buddhism, East Asian culture

    -The Almohad Caliphate - Almohad, Islam, Middle-Eastern culture
    -The Mali Empire - Malian, Islam, Middle-Eastern culture
    -*The Kanem Empire - Kanembu, Islam, Middle-Eastern culture
    -*Kingdom of Abyssinia - Abyssinian, Ethiopian Orthodox, Middle-Eastern culture

    -Āltepētl of Tenōchtitlan - Mexica, Sun God, Mesoamerican culture
    -League of Mayapan - Maya, Sun God, Mesoamerican culture
    -Kingdom of Qusqu - Inca, Sun God, Mesoamerican culture

    And of course, the Independent Sovereignties (Rebels)
    Please let me know what you think! This is an ongoing project that I do intend on finishing and uploading (no set date though). Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated; that's really the main reason I opened this up.

    EDIT: I don't know how I forgot to do this before, but I'm asking for help because even when I'm using a ton of assets, this is still a lot of work. See below for stuff I need help on. Just leave a message here and I'll send a link to a Google docs I'm using to organize everything.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    -Campaign Mappers: Changing regions, faction starting positions, etc.
    -Scripters: Stuff like religion conversion scripts and whatnot.
    -3D Artists: This is something I'm handling on my own as of now, but I'd appreciate all the help I can get.
    -2D Artists: Faction symbols, unit cards, etc.
    -Ideas: Even if you don't know a lick about modding, it wouldn't hurt to have some more brains giving ideas about unit rosters or whatnot.
    Here's a list of credits:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    -Metal.Pigeon (leader; 3D artist)
    -Buckethell (campaign mapper)
    -TheVarangian (campaign mapper; does not have a TWC account but is active on Discord)

    I'd also like to thank IGdood for his help with the (South)East Asian stuff.

    -Asia Empires and Shaoding by againster and the DOMOD team (permission granted)
    -Bellum Crucis and Complete Sicilian Unit Roster by +Mr.Crow+ and friends (open source)
    -Byzantium Reskin by Arthalion (open source)
    -BETTER GRASS 1.0 and BETTER WATER 2.0 by DAVIDE (open source)
    -Broken Crescent (permission granted)
    -Byzantine Heavy Spearmen by LAca (open source)
    -Complete Byzantine Unit Roster (permission granted)
    -E2DI for Stainless Steel by cedric37 (permission granted)
    -High Quality Sky Textures 1.0 by Hereje (open source)
    -Falcom Total War 3: The Total Conquest by falcom4ever (permission granted)
    -Lord Calidor's Weapon Pack by Lord_Calidor (open source)
    -Men-at-Arms Armour Pack by Narf of Pickestink (open source)
    -Real Shields Project by nikossaiz (permission granted)
    -Rusichi: Total War (open source)
    -The Italian Wars (permission granted)
    -Vietnamese items by as0017 (open source)
    -Western Unit Overhaul by G|I|Sandy (open source)

    Sorry if I forgot any!
    I made a Discord server for this mod so I feel a little less lonely when I work on it. I'll be a lot more active there than on here.
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