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    Anyone knows which file i need to go to edit the trait description that appears on the character scroll? For example the STICE system of traits (Selflessness-Temperament-Intelligence-Charisma-Energy), instead of showing simply Selfish or Unselfish for the Selflessness, i want to show the full 5 tiers of the STL rating.

    So that my character will show Egotistical, Individualistic, Altruistic or Magnanimous etc. Basically so i can tell which of the 5 Tiers of their traits my character has. Is that possible? Anyone know how can i edit it to show as such?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    that would require modifying both the export_vnvs.txt and the export_descr_character_traits.txt.

    What you see in the character traits (like ICE001 "Dull/Uncharismatic/Vigorous") is not the actual trait. It is just the description for you to know the ICE level of the character, and it will be assigned with the following trigger:

    Trigger random_birth_ICE001
      WhenToTest CharacterComesOfAge
      Condition Trait NaturalIntelligence < 3
            and Trait NaturalCharisma < 3
            and Trait NaturalEnergy > 2
      Affects ICERating  2  Chance  100
    So it will be assigned regardless the character has Naturally_Energetic (lev 5) or Average_Energy (lev 3) in the NaturalEnergy trait.

    The real trait are NaturalEnergy, NaturalCharisma and NaturalIntelligence, which are hidden and have no description.

    So if you want to have the ICE level displayed, you have to routes:

    1) Un-Hid the NaturalEnergy, NaturalCharisma and NaturalIntelligence traits, that is remove the "Hidden" attribute from the trait in export_descr_character_traits.txt
    This means you need to add the proper *_desc and *_effects_desc for each trait level in the export_vnvs.txt. See for example how the trait ICERating and its levels ICE000, ICE001.. etc work.
    In this way you keep the Dull/Uncharismatic/Vigorous, but also get the real trait to be displayed along with your description.

    It will clutter a bit the trait list but it's less bothering to do than the next route:

    2) Create multiple ICERating traits, so that with the levels you cover ALL the possible combinations of the ICE ratings (like Natural Genius/Good Charisma/Far Below Average Energy). Then add the corresponding triggers, like the one shown above, but instead of ">" and "<" just use "=" (equal to) conditions.

    Note1: you can't just extend the current ICERating, since the maximum levels for a trait is 9. The number of possible combinations is 5^3 = 125, which means that to cover all combinations you need a total of 125/9 = 14 Traits. And of course 14 Triggers. The current systems shows you only 2 characteristics for each ICE (bad or good), in fact the ICERating trait needs only 2^3 = 8 levels

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    Sorry, can't edit posts yet. For the second route, you need 125 Triggers, not 14 of course

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    Hey Dhamon thanks for the detailed reply! I will try it out to see if it works!

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