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    Default Proper Combat Mod 2

    Hello eveyone!

    New game means new edition of Proper Combat mod!

    This mod works around combat mechanics like morale, damage, fatigue etc. without changing base unit stats like melee attack or defence, meaning that it should be compatbile with many other mods like unit mods, upkeep, amount of men per squad etc.

    What does this mod do? Long story short, it makes combat slower without making it slow for the sake of being slow. Battles are still fierce and dynamic but also allow for a bit more tactics and manouvers.

    This is an early version but it made battles already more enjoyable for me.

    In case of specific changes, I don't like to give -25% to X and +5% to Y as changes are a bit more custom and due to how complicated current battle variables are often blunt values might be misleading. Just try it out and see if you like it

    -Reduced unit running speed
    -Reduced melee weapon damage
    -Reduced ranged damage slightly and increased reload time
    -Reduced hit chance
    -Towers are reworked and their range depends on the grade (In base game arrow tower has same range as cannon tower)
    -Abilities last a bit longer
    -Large changes to morale, losing a general, being attacked from rear brings much more impact on the troops (Fun fact, penalty for flanking does not work in TW games for few past titles, it is almost always also applied to frontal combat!)
    -AI does not get additional morale bonuses from campaign difficulty so now it only gets them from battle difficulty
    -Large changes to fatigue levels, now it take longer for units to get exhausted but also increases and reworks certain penalties for it.

    Compatible with:
    -All mods that don't change morale, fatigue or combat rules
    -Unit submods provided they use same combat rules (If not they will still work but new units might be slightly stronger)

    Incompatible with:
    -Unit mods that change combat rules
    -Battle mods
    -Large overhauls (since they change combar related stuff)

    Steam link:

    Do you want more mods, maybe some camera tweaks? Check out my workshop:
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    Default Re: Proper Combat Mod 2

    Hi kam,
    is there a update planned for vanilla & SFOv if it is updated?(better camera mod too?)Was great mods. Or you are done with Wh2? i ask because you are 153days offline on steam.^^

    wish you nice easter days!!!

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