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Thread: Javelin foot skirmishers

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    As a carthaginian, I loved the lybian foot skirmishers, they can do anything. For their price, they are OP.

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    I love them too, but there are better ones in the similar price range. Eb2 is full of capable skirmisher units
    I recommend a pugio rather than a spear, because in close quarters combat, a dagger will serve you better than a spear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baharr View Post
    I just want to throw in my 2 cents here and say that javelin foot skirmishers universally have the best possible score when it comes to my stat of choice for skirmishers - cost.

    Other people in this thread have elaborated on the many uses of lighter, non-line infantry. Javelin skirmishers do all that and they do it for pennies. They always have a place in my armies - mostly I use them for screening and flanking purposes and they really cut down on the attrition my heavy infantry and medium/heavy cavalry suffer.
    This is what took a while to hit me, and itís so true!

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