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    Hey guys I m playing a Romani campaign and I have secured Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Baleares islands and Sicily.
    What should I do now?Should I conquer war torn greece or rich Iberia or should I strike into Africa.
    PS Its turn 120

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    Iberia has lots of profitable mines, but braking the natives is tough.

    Hellas is generally easier to conquer but harder to keep due to Stasis and other factors, and almost all Hellenistic factions strive for Hellas, so expect counterattacks. They offer good trade, though.

    Conquer Africa if you don't want any challenge in the W-Med basin later on. Keep Cathage and Numidia alive but don't let them grow too much, so they will offer challenge mid-game. Conquering them early on will make you overpowered.

    Hope this helped


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    I like a good mid-game challenge from Carthage, so typically my Rome games work like this:

    1) Capture Italy
    2) Don't enter Sicily or take any of the West Med islands, even if you have an early war with Carthage.
    3) Next is to enter Africa to destroy Numidia (and it's hordes). Not as easy as it sounds (an interesting campaign all by itself, especially if you deliberately fight with smaller stacks), but when you are done, gift the captured provinces to Carthage. This is really necessary or else eventually the two factions will fight and weaken each other so badly that they'll just be a mid-game pushover. Boring.
    4) Greece and/or the Adriatic
    5) By this point, Carthage should be pretty strong and you are now ready for Punic War!
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