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Thread: Where is everybody else, Any Plans for them?

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    Default Where is everybody else, Any Plans for them?

    Guys, as a big fan of the Iliad, I'm really geared up to try this mod. However, if you were meticulous enough to include the House of Thyestes, surely the other 50+ sons of Heracles (under Hyllus and including their collective retinues) should, as a group, merit representation as a faction? Also, shouldn't Athens be represented, either under Menestheus (I think that's how you spell it...) or either of the two sons of Theseus (Demophon or Acamas)? Then there's the rest of the Trojan Allies; maybe make two subgroups of Trojans: one under Aeneas, the other under Pandarus...huh. If I could magically summon a team that could put all possible provinces of Rome Total War into this campaign, then add rebellion scripts, faction resurrection scripts, more scripted events, huhhhh, it seems it'll be just a dream.

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    You need to consider the gameplay benefits and engine restrictions. There isn't any purpose to adding 50 nearly identical houses. That's like recreating the 3000 Thracian tribes in a mod - not only is it not needed, it's probably impossible.

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