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Thread: Battel between old and new factions?

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    Default Battel between old and new factions?

    Hi, my understanding was that the 2 warhammer games would somehow merge.
    Now if i wanted to fight a battle between skaven and empire is that possible?

    also if i play an empire campaign, will i have the new lands and factions on the map?
    Or cant i play the old factions anymore and have the new stuf aswell?


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    Default Re: Battel between old and new factions?

    Once the Mortal Empires FLC is released I believe.

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    Default Re: Battel between old and new factions?

    Probably takes some time to rebalance and update everything into the new game. Game 2 has a slightly different balance than game 1.

    But yeah in a couple of weeks, the map that merges game 1 and 2 drops and from that point onward you can play as anyone on the mega campaign or in multiplayer. The new map is called "mortal empires"

    First DLC is gonna drop not long after that too I think so you'll have like 15 races to pick from. (Humans: Empire, Bretonnia, Chaos, Norsca, Vampire Counts. Elves: Wood Elves, Dark Elves, High Elves. Dwarves, Orcs, Beastmen, Lizardmen, Skaven and Tomb Kings as first DLC)

    After that it will probably be some Lord DLC's for the four original races, perhaps some free-lc for some of the minor factions but what comes after that is pretty much anyones guess. Araby or Dogs of War are pretty likely for the 16th race before game 3 which basically brings Deamons in some form, Ogres and Chaos Dwarves (And probably Kislev). At which point all Warhammer races will be in game.
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    Default Re: Battel between old and new factions?

    And games won´t merge at all. Still two separated entities in steam. But if you own WH1,DLCs...these will unlock Mortal Empire in WH2 and factions to play there. AI factions already utilize all possible assets. Only exception is Norsca. It will be slightly delay after launch of Mortal Empires. And generil "norsca-like" factions in WH2 still use old roster.

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    Default Re: Battel between old and new factions?

    tnx for the clarification, so i will be able to play on the mega map soon enough =)

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    Default Re: Battel between old and new factions?

    You can do custom battles with Empire, Bretonnia, Greenskin, Dwarf, and Vampire Count rosters with the (beta) Radious Total War Mod here:

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