How it's possible to not get penalty for trespassing if I didn't have military access to neighbour's territory?

Playing Bretonnia.

One of Norsca factions invaded my territory (this city which is in one province with Marienburg).

Had to pass Middenland territory to catch Norsca army (because of various reasons I found that it will be not possible to use river to move my army)

I already had -12 points transpassing penalties for my previous actions.

When I entered to Middenland (just north of Marienburg), Norsca didn't realize what is going on and next turn I catched their army that was just near my city.

Then I found that Middenland didnt give my any penalty. My penalty points for trespassing were as were before -12.

How it's possible? If we will make trespassing one or 2 times new points are not given?

Or what kind of explanation can it be?

I have only non-agression pact with Middenland.

Important element (maybe) - there is a mess on Middenland territories - Empire's army is huting for army of Red Horn tribe. There is also Nordland army top of Empire's territory but on Middenland area and also Bastonne army (yes - there is crowdy) that is hunting for some small beastmen army.

So - really total war. What is funny - nobody is fighting agains Middenland.All these armies are hunting for somebody or run away from hunters.

Maybe this is the answer? There are so many armies on Middenland territory that another one army was not difference for them (so that when more then 2-3 armies make trespasses game stops counts penalties for it as it means that something serious is going on on particular area)?