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    Hello! I have been playing Total War for a while, and have always wanted a feature that allowed me to label an individual person with a name, so I could follow them around and know what happened to them. Just hovering above them would be a name that you enter. It would be to keep track of certain units and see what happens to them in the midst of battle! Also, the name would hover over them when they died so it would be easy to see where they died. I don't mod, so I have no idea how hard this would be to make, but if someone could make it, that would be AMAZING! Thanks!

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    That would be cool

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    Not possible. This is not modding, this is changing the game engine.

    However, you can already rename your units in the campaign, and this name is displayed in game. This is done with a right click, show the info card, click on the name (second line at top of the info card) and entering a new name.

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