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Thread: Attention: Regarding any kind of submodding of ChivTW

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    Default Attention: Regarding any kind of submodding of ChivTW

    ... you are supposed to use this subforum and its rules (sticky): Chivalry-I-Total-War-Free-Mod-Projects which you can see/find above of this main page.

    You can but create one post in this main ChivTW forum here, when you have released there your submod to get more/better attention for your submodding work.
    The post-title for such submod-undertakings shall call then "Announcement - submod release: Title of your mod" and in this post, link to the actual release post of your ChivTW submod.

    And important: Note, the main ChivTW mod is long done. We mod authors are long inactive regarding this (huge but in the meantime very old) project.
    Thus there is no more support anymore by us (or rather, happens very randomly). Play the mod as is, and/or submod it to your hearts content under the rules given in the ChivTW submod forum linked above.

    P.S. This is especially meant to the ones, who in recent time have done according posts in this ChivTW main forum.
    I'll leave the posts now where they are. Just in case they become relevant some time in future (ie. i see relevant submodding action/movement), i might move the posts to the right subforum. Requires though, that i actually get aware of such action (which is not a given, as i frequent here only very random).
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