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Thread: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

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    Default BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    BETA BUILD 0.9

    This link is presently invalid, check at bottom of post for alternatives

    any extra mirror links would be appreciated


    Medieval II Total War game
    +Kingdoms expansion at least patched to v1.5

    check this thread

    WINDOWS 8+/10 USERS:
    you may try same solutions for win 7
    but better install everything
    outside the Program Files folders,
    as there is no effective way to disable the UAC.

    7-zip is the recommended program for opening .7z files
    Download it here

    check this thread


    Extract Titanium_v09.7z content into M2TW "mods" folder using 7-zip
    You should have now a Titanium folder in M2TW's "mods" one
    2-Run SS_setup.exe and select a campaign
    this will guarantee that everything is in place to play the mod properly.

    Use this same thread to report bugs/inconsistencies/etc
    Also feel free for doing suggestions and criticism

    Keep in mind this a BETA release and most things are subject to change before the final product

    TITANIUM 0.9
    1100 Campaign Map Preview
    1139 Campaign Map Preview

    Based on Melooo182's SS6.4 Bugfix Compilation v1.27
    Major Bugs/CTD fixes:
    -Hospitaler Knights CTD fix by Baraban
    -Italian Men at Arms CTD fix by valky
    -Really Bad AI (Fixes CTD in Battles with reinforcements and generally improves the Battle AI) by G5(Germanicus5)
    -FIX for a semi random CTD caused by some Teutonic Order scripted siege around turn 130
    -CTD fix for mongols and timurid scripted sieges, Fix by stevietheconquer and Geoffrey of Villehardouin
    -Fixed some mistakes in the BM.MDB which caused CTDs with some english Archer.
    -Corrected typo in early era campaign script.
    -Update on Scripted Sieges, greatly reduce likelyness of CTDs related to them.

    Minor Bugs fixes:
    -HRE Teutonics Knights Chapter House Fix by Ishan
    -Woodsman Guild Archers Bonus Fix by Newt
    -Bloodline descriptions and names fix (Alberi di Famiglia Regal submod by Seether) Tweaked
    -Stables and Tourney building Guild points fix
    Tourney and Jousting buildings now increase chances of a Horsebreeder Guild and/or Swordsmith Guild, instead of Woodsman Guild.
    -Persistent Spawn of merchant and priest on dead factions fix by Gorrrrrn
    -Faction Leader Death event spam Fix
    -G5 Economy Script Fix (campaign_script.txt) by MWY updated by gsthoed
    -Mercenary Elephants and Crusader Sergeant fixe
    -Witches with Piety instead of Magic on their traits fix
    -Byzantium and Denmark vanilla stratmap flag instead of SS new one when under FOW fix
    Includes Kwarezm Stratmap flag proper update
    -Mongols Priest named as EMT_MONGOLS_PRIEST_2 Fix
    -Seville should be Badajoz Fix
    -Bishop Trait loss description Fix
    -Transilvanian peasants texture Fix
    -Corinth misplaced in Early Era Campaign Fix
    -Konigsberg("Palanga") misplaced in Late Era Campaign Fix
    -Knights of Santiago Incorrect Mount Fix by Aymar de Bois Mauri
    -Woodsmen Guild Icons Fix for middle eastern and south european factions
    -Horsebreeder Guild Icons Fix for middle eastern factions
    -Lusitanian javelimen duplicate fix,
    by Aymar de Bois Mauri
    -RR AoR longbowmen availability fix (now matches this site info)
    -Disabled RR Camel Gunners requirements fix
    -Kievan Rus Tsar Crown ancillary fix
    -Princess EducatedWoman trait fix (last level reduced charm)
    -Princess PassionateWoman trait description update (last level reduces fertility)
    -AI priest piety boost when near an heretic trait fix
    -Non-playable battle map location fix
    -Series of Hates/Fears (religion) traits triggers fix (no more muslims that hate muslims etc)
    -Kwarezm proper Agents Info Images and Icons
    -Templar Heavy Spearmen and Lithuanian Late Spearmen animation Fix (they were using macemen animations)
    -No more silver surfers!, fixes most if not all missing or incorrect assigned textures.
    -AIGracul faction standing triggers dupe entry removal, by gsthoed
    -Megas Konostaulos ancillary trigger fix, by gsthoed
    -Banner of Herakleios ancillary trigger fix, by gsthoed
    -AI Generals' wife negative traits triggers fix, by gsthoed
    -Sorted redundancy in some Post Battle Traits triggers, with help of gsthoed
    -Black Plague event location fix for Corinth Late Era.
    -gsthoed localized text improvements and fixes, further tweaked and with restored British spelling.
    -More EDCT fixes, Cardinal Corrupted Trait Triggers, Religious Merchant Triggers, MerchantFamily trigger dupe removal.
    -Turks and Egypt proper merchant icon.
    -Unique Mulsim Assassin Stratmap model fixed and implemented.
    -Proper early and late era faction names for "Faction Leader Death" events.
    -Cleaned descr_rebel_factions.txt of unused rebel subfactions.
    -Novgorod and Sicily Spy textures tweak to display better their faction colors and differentiate from each other.
    -Sicily Merchant texture tweak for differentiating better from "Independent" merchants.
    -ME school building icons improvement.
    -Castle Academic Building Tree properly working and with 'new' icons.
    -Optimized Interactive Events script, they should have less impact on turn times now. Thx to this Tutorial
    -Included gsthoed's suggestion for improving Important Persons ancillary scripts.
    -Corrected Crusader States priest icon.
    -Aragon agent icons proper colours (some where using spanish gold and red).
    -Faction Killer trait triggers simplified along with workaround script optimization. Thx to gsthoed
    -Corrected Denmark agent icons.
    -Corrected colours for egyptian Spy icons and texture, now it uses a sand yellow that blends in better with the faction colours.
    -Revised character names files (names.txt, descr_names.txt) mainly cleaning and added some commented out lines for easier modification through submod manager.
    -Both Early and Late Era starting families edited to include child faction heir/leaders where it would apply, as well as past faction leader distinction where it applies.
    -Changed "has_family_tree no" for "has_family_tree teutonic" so the teutonic order can be destroyed like any other faction.
    -BM.MDB's dismounted_armats_ug1 duplicate renamed to dismounted_armats_ug2 (it could be used as a gothic armour upgrade for dismounted men at arms).
    -Aragon and Genoa Princesses textures edited to differentiate more from each other and from Castille.
    -Teutonic Order strat map (Faction Leader and Generals) models and texture tweaked, fixing some minor issues they had.
    -Other miscellaneous fixes such as campaign script optimization for lessening impact on turn time.
    -2nd Upgrade for english Longbowmen was missing melee maul and small round shield
    -Lithuanian Berserker trait birth trigger fix. Thx to gsthoed.
    -Light Men at Arms and Light Swordsmen fixed mediterranean accent removal, they should use their faction accent now.
    -Byzantine Agent info cards and icons now properly display how the model looks.
    -Aragon Agent info cards updated with proper colours.
    -Minor tweaks on Denmark Agents info cards and icons.
    -Some Polish units info cards and icons updated to actually show how they look in battle.
    -Pistoliers Black Helmets fix
    -Removed some redundant conditions on some Trait and Ancillaries triggers.
    - Lithuania Faction Leader Death Events were completely missing.
    - More varied princess come of age notification event images (Campaign Script Customization submod).
    - BGR2 setup txt tweaked for greater compatibility with other submods.
    - Fixes to some campaign script errors/oversights from my part + general improvements thanks to gsthoed.
    - Tweak on extras submod for better compatibility and installation order.
    - Included Batch file that cleans the mod folder of some bloat files, unnecessary for the mod as well as left overs from previous Bugfix Compilations not needed any more or that could cause conflicts.
    - Updated 2TPY submod which now halves income from settlements and religious conversion rates properly adapting them to a 2tpy pace.
    - Cleaning in some text files that had junk code lines
    - Removed some unnecessary files from the bugfix compilation package
    - Texture fix for cumans and kievan rus strat map general models
    - Further Campaign Script optimization
    - EDCT and EDA triggers optimizations
    - Timurid captains and generals texture tweak
    - Lithuania stratmap captains and general tweak
    - More Agents UI icons and info portraits tweaks

    -2TPY submod (integrated by default)
    ..properly done with accordingly adjusted recruit/build time and replenishment rates
    -City Horsebreeder's Guild submod
    ..allows horsebreeder guilds to be built in cities
    -Castle Academic for All submod
    ..allows every faction to build castle academic building tree for training diplomats
    and which can convert to diplomatic buildings tree if castle transformed into city
    -Courtesan Ladies Redux (RLC update) optional submod
    -Melooo182's Islamic Princesses
    ..along with inter-religion marriage traits and papal excommunication script for non fully catholic leaders
    -Melooo182's Regional Knight Orders for All
    -RKOfA RR's tweaks (unreleased version)
    ..edits recruit pools for crusader states and teutonic order mainly
    -Melooo182's Kingdoms, Empires and Republics BETA 3 (unreleased version)
    -KER extras (loans script, reduced income, slower conversion, more agressive rebels)
    -Melooo182's Watchtowers as Small Villages optional submod
    -Melooo182's Levy infantry (based on mynameismud idea)
    -Melooo182's Viva La Rebellion!
    ..Re-Emerging Factions script tailored for Titanium with some minor extras
    -Melooo182's Campaign Historical Improvement Full version (unreleased submod) regions (at expenses of others in historically less populated areas)
    ..adds new rebel subfactions
    -Edited SSNOP1.1
    -Melooo182's Spying Dread Reduced
    ..based on this idea
    -Master Zuma's Stone Forts
    -Bane's Altern Radar Map
    -Soulston AI option
    -Lazy's Weaker Heretics

    New content/Changes:
    Build 0.6

    Front End/Main menu Artwork
    NEW TITANIUM map based on CHI, HURB and parts of SSHIP's maps (subject to change)
    Campaign end date set at 1350 (subject to change, possibly ~1250-1225 for early era)
    Obotrites Faction replacing Lithuania (using renamed lithuanian unit roster)
    Obotrites catholic conversion script (seems to work fine but still needs more testing)
    Abbasids Faction replacing Timurids (using a mix of turk/kwarezm/egypt units)
    Soviet920's Castille and Leon banners
    New Main menu music
    Disabled RR (and "AOR on" variant) removed
    Build 0.8:
    -rebel silver surfer EE levy infantry fix
    -RLC compilation mistake fix (as well as moving all its trait/anc triggers to submod)
    -missing battle obotrites and abbasids faction ui symbol
    -obotrites faction leader trait issue fixed, along all missing references and the whole antitrait thing.
    -added wifeis*religion* removal trigger when it matches faction religion.
    -kingdoms_factionheir_turn0_catch fix
    -Next_Heir_Trait\Desinherited_Trait gsthoed fix added
    -Civil Unrest fix suggestion added with some differences, made a bit easier to get unrest.
    -RBAI missing file fix
    -Lithuania conversion script improvement and simplification with gsthoed suggestions
    -fixed wrong name in crusader states re-emerge script
    -Crusader States no longer have an army near toulouse if AI controlled
    -correct Toulouse and Bordeaux provinces names
    -added new norway banners courtesy of VltmaRatio
    -crusader states campaign map special characters models preview
    -campaign_script fixes and updates
    -Loan script update, had some minors mistakes and missing references.
    -Lithuania/Obotrite catholic conversion historic event text tweak removing the part that said "all christendom rejoiced" of their conversion to catholicism
    -No Heir Yet trait fix
    -Events text darkened for better visibility
    -Next Heir Ancillary update, now refers to a ring instead of a crown and has a new icon showing a ring, also description text has been updated to clarify it doesn't work always.
    -Averroes, Maimonides, Ptochoprodromus added to great people's ancillaries.
    -Merchant books ancillaries now appear on appropriate dates.
    -Fix for missing Abbasids ports and ships.
    -Applied "Weak Heretics" submod toning down heretics stats
    -Additional traits for CS inherited titles through princesses
    -Other miscellaneous improvements on trait and ancillary triggers
    -shortened Teutonic Order event video removing everything after the TO faction introduction.
    -some tweaks on Obotrites and Abbasids faction description.
    -SSNOP updated to v1.2 + some extra tweaks
    Build 0.81:
    - Levy Infantry models for all cultures, some will be replaced later by better ones.
    - Abbasid using timurid banners bug fixed.
    - Heavy Mail models for Light Men at Arms, they are just beefier and have some different torso textures, both variants are now available to the rebels.
    - CTD caused by extra revolting armies fixed.
    - Extra names added as well other miscellaneous tweaks to name files.
    - Made Crusader States prefer naval invasions in hope they try to invade Mediterranean islands and escape usual Fatimid onslaught.
    - Fixed Abbasid Military ancillaries and traits, they were still using Timurid/Mongol ones.
    - Fixed Aragon Men at Arms early access inconsistencies, now they do have early access regardless of the stable building level.
    - New Teutonic Order icons and info images for Mounted Sergeants, Light and later Men at Arms.
    - Other Miscellaneous fixes to the battlemodel.modeldb file (mismatching normal maps etc)
    - Textures Miscellaneous tweaks, specular relflections, TO peasants correct texture etc.
    - Fatimid vs Abbasid AI standings tweaked, they should like less each other now.
    - Some tweaks to Rebels Campaign AI from Beermugcarl's Improvements, in theory rebels should defend more their settlements.
    - Moved Bridge blocked by mountain near Thessalonika so there should access through there now.
    - Land Bridge near Arta to the Peloponesos fixed, is guarded by the Fort nearby.
    - G5 Settlement Tweaks included.
    Build 0.82:
    - Real Combat 2.0 Added
    - Royal Ties trait effect description was wrong stating it added +3 loyalty while it really was +2
    - Sherwood Archers nixed for good.
    - Tweak on baltic rebel subfactions, making them more likely to spawn stacks
    - Update for RLC script because the Royal Envoy dummy unit was reclassified as non-combatant spearmen to avoid issues with RC2.0 changes.
    - More Names Courtesy of Geoffrey of Villehardouin
    - Armor Piercing removed from Polearms and Axes, in return their damage havebeen increased to compensate, this leads to a more balanced overall performanceof units with these weapons.comments of the changes are included in the EDU file.
    - Armour upgrades in smith building tree updated to work with RC2.0
    - Character names ending with a special characters (#, +, _) and their associated bug fixed
    - "Viking" units names changed to "Norse"
    - Added some missing UI files
    - Byzantine Starting Family Expanded and Updated
    - Missing greek culture dead generals portraits
    - miscellaneous tweaks (shared, strat and tooltips.txt)
    - Since inconsistency in UI info images sizes can incur in CTDs here are most of the deviant images resized to 432x172px which the standard size for most SS portraits. There still remain lots of them using vanilla M2 vertical style, but those don't seem to cause trouble unlike the ones edited here.
    - Byzantine early era model pack by Paleologos: Peasant Archers, Peasants/Levy Infantry, Acontistae, Contaratoi
    - Update for Abbasid faction standings: should like even less the Fatimids now for real.
    - Slight change in RLC script replacing Eikundarsund for Oslo as Courtesan lady spawning settlement.
    This in in view that the new map won't have Eikundarsund as a settlement.
    - Changed terrain type Swamp name for Wetlands so it can represent marshes and other similar biomes.
    - Updated list of junk files to be removed with batch files.
    Build 0.84:
    - New map complete with pre-placed forts and compatible pre-placed watchtowers submod
    - Updated Province Ancilary titles
    - Some tweaks on Polearms damage values suggested by k/t in RC2.0 thread
    - Seljuk Turks colour changed to blue/white and more historicaly correct symbols/banners
    - RLC submod updated and script fixed
    - Miscellaneous tweaks such as corrections in campaign faction descriptions, Grand Duchy of Kiev renamed to Kievan Rus' etc.
    - Some EDB fixes regarding AoR
    Build 0.85:
    - Named pre-placed forts, now as "minor settlements".
    - New Stratmap model for pre-placed forts.
    - New model for Catholic Kings and Family Members/Generals, not captains.
    - Tweaks on Byz stratmap models to use smaller and redistributed texture files.
    - New Textures for Stratmap, based on SSHIP's.
    - More fixes for RLC submod script, i'd say it should be free of bugs now but we need you to test that
    - Faction names in the Stratmap have been generalized for taking in account Dynasties change like for example Ayyubids taking over Fatimids, Almohads over Almoravids, etc.
    - Saladin Emergent Character for Egypt, uses a script very similar to that of Wallace, he will even siege Cairo if not under egyptian control when he spawns, variable date, the worst Egypt is doing the earlier he's likely to appear, which may also bring Shirkuh if early enough.
    - Historical Reynald de Chatillon and Balian of Ibelin also show up later if Saladin does Emerge, only if the Crusader States do really need them though.
    - Reworked Scripted Sieges in general, Now logs a message in the .log file every time the script is successful.
    - Zirids (1100 campaign only) and Georgia as new playable factions.
    - 1139 campaign as secondary Early Era option, with Portugal as playable faction.
    - Karaislam's sneak peak of CTUR models, only Turkish Horse Archers for the moment.
    - Scandinavian provinces of Uppsala and Skara replaced with, Moravia (Brno) and Friesland (Groningen), Utrecht now is the capital of Holland Province.
    - Aberdeen province replaced by Alania in the north caucasus
    - Zagreb and Trieste replaced as capitals of their Province by Knin and Laibach respectively, "minor settlements" placed to represent the former settlements.
    - Constantinople and Jerusalem Jihad Garrison Scripts tweaked to add in a delay, in atempt to fix the issue of these faction growing quickly in military forces when under Jihads.
    - Added script for disbanding AI crusade/jihad units some turns after the crusade/jihad ends.
    - Added script for toggle Campaign Map UI on/off with SCROLL_LOCK key.
    - Fixed some errors that caused CTDs with Re-Emerging Faction script.
    - Added more religious council events, Historically after the Lateran Councils there were a series of Ecumenical ones.
    - Lithuania/Obotrites Chritianization interactive event now requires that the Faction Leader not only has the Catholic Trait but also needs 7+ in Authority Attribute, also the event is only asked once in a FL lifetime.
    - Fixed Pre Placed Stone forts in Battlemap, were previously showing as wooden forts.
    - Cities and Castles can basically train the same troops, however Castles still have faster pool regen rates for previous castle only units, while cities for militias and professionals. Yes you can have Archery Ranges and Stables in cities now, in addition these buildings along barracks increase recruitment slots by 1.
    - Fixed some AoR mistakes IMO, that allowed factions to get double ownership of AoR units native to your faction.
    - Mounted and Armored Sergeants are AoR units now available from Frisia to Sicily provinces, including the whole historic France.
    - New visual for 1st tier of Italian Cavalary Militia.
    - Added an Age penalty for Venice Signoria Approval Authority bonus, which should affect the "election" of new Doges.
    - Fixed, Traits triggers that use region ID numbers.
    - Added Female Royal Bloodline traits diversity for muslim factions.
    - Lowered chances for badcommander traits with MilitaryEdu triggers.
    - Tweaked Knight Orders Chapter Keeps replenishment rates and starting availability.
    - Sicily Faction Colours and Symbol changed to display Hauteville coat of arms.
    - Other miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.
    Build 0.9:
    - Standalone Titanium no longer requires SS6.4 previously installed, which allows for a much easier installation.
    - New Music from Marius' Music Overhaul and some other tracks
    - Cumans are now a Horde faction, they can loose all their settlements without being defeated, only killing all their family members can truly destroy them.
    - Nomadic Factions like Cumans and Mongols have a new building tree for the steppe region that allows them to recruit troops without developing the settlement
    - Animated bowstring animations integrated, so far only peasant archers models are using it but more will do in further releases.
    - New models for West/North European Peasant, Spear Militia and Peasant Archers, by Paleologos
    - Some rebel subfactions (including brigands) got a bit more variety on their troops, this addition is still WIP
    - Added script that removes anachronistic units from the rebels, this means you won't face rebel stacks with Feudal Knights before any other faction can actually have them.
    - Brandenburg Region and Settlement renamed to Nordmark and Brennabor respectively, Settlement is automatically renamed to Brandenburg if captured by the HRE or TO via script
    - Cologne Region renamed to Rheinland
    - Knin, main settlement of Croatia region is now a Castle
    - Dalmatia region tweaked, is no longer split in half by Croatia access to the sea, and now properly shows a coastal road that passes through minor settlement Spalato
    - Fixed Bordeaux's port which previously had a visual glitch with the port walls showing in a different tile than the actual port
    - Fixed road from Adrianopolis to the region's port
    - Constantinople no longer gets renamed to Istambul when captured by the Turks, this was ahistorical, however it gets renamed to Konstantiniyye (arabic) when captured by any muslim faction
    - Muslim factions now a use a battlemap sultan model for their faction leaders
    - Settlements are bit more developed at the start of the campaign, specially for the 1139AD one, now most factions have at least a Catapult Marker at their capital
    - Improved Fatimid Faction Symbol in the UI
    - Re-Emerging Factions script improved
    - Bulgarian Uprising script enhanced with reinforcements, reduced chances of happening earlier than 1185
    - Armenia Cilicia Uprising script, will happen around 1152
    - Rebel East Baltic Settlements receive reinforcements through script when besieged until mid 13th cent
    - Baltic Uprising script, "Pagan" armies will try to capture east baltic settlements some turns before the Teutonic Order emerges
    - Teutonic Order requires that the HRE control 4+ settlements for emerging
    - EDU rebalance by Marius Marich (feb2016) nerfs heavy cavalry and horse archers, boost infantry specially spearmen
    - NE and SE bodyguards now start with kite shields and non fancy lances and get heater shields and prettier lances with armour upgrades, this is just a cosmetic change
    - Factions standings tweaks and fixes
    - Unit production buildings such as barracks, archery ranges and stables, increase settlement's recruitment slots by +1
    - Fixed bug with Obotrites infantry availability during the 13th-14th cent transition
    - Byz can retrain their Elite troops that sustained heavy loses before they become normally recruitable
    - Fixed Hungary Family tree for 1139AD campaign, was causing CTD in v0.85
    - Fixed CTD caused by a typo in Crusader States re-emergence script
    - Fixed bug in Loan script that made the scroll appear twice after the Italian Banker's event
    - Saladin and Crusader Reinforcements will only trigger before the heavy mail event circa 1200
    - Urgench Settlement is now flaged as "Horde Target", which helps to Improve the Golden Horde AI
    - HRE has Thuringia in its starting regions for 1139 campaign
    - Venice starts with Zara instead of Ragusa for both 1100 and 1139 campaigns
    - Partially reworked anti traits to avoid some nasty engine/game bug, so far only priests and most of the princess/wife traits have been changed
    - Added miscellaneous trait for increasing movements of characters in the steppe regions
    - Added muslim ethnicty traits, still very WIP
    - More EDCT tweaks and fixes
    - Improved Names
    - Tweaks for the campaign map, improves river crossings and roads
    - Experimental rebalance of infantry charge values and Polearms&Axes damage, discussed here.
    - Fixed CTD caused by missing Islamic Captain texture.
    - Fixed Courtesan Ladies related CTD.
    - Fixed 1139 campaign HRE family tree scroll CTD.
    - Tweaked HRE elector traits and ancillaries since Priest couldn't transfer them, so now the bonus is gained when a priest accompanies the general/family member.
    - Removed Nicaea nearby lakes to avoid this.
    - Minor Settlements labels script reworked to minimize the displacement issue.
    - Added Rouen Minor Settlement, Repositioned Trieste.
    - Fixed missing icons for Stephen de Blois' rebel garrison in 1139 campaign.
    - Fixed Icons for sicilian Peasant Crossbowmen and Caliphate Mangonel.
    - Fixed reported silver surfers.
    - Applied Baraban's Late Armour submod with some tweaks.
    -- Dismounted King's men use same models than Dismounted Noble Knights.
    - Saxon Huscarles change to Mercenary Huskarlar, with Paleo's availability suggestion.
    - Renamed Sudanese Javelinmen and Nubian Spearmen as African Javelinmen/Spearmen.
    - Removed Sub-Saharan and High Tier Arab (Al Haqa and Tabardariyya) units from Ifriqyians roster per Used2Broz suggestion.
    - Miscellaneous changes and fixes to EDB.
    - Miscellaneous fixes to EDCT.- Adds Minor Settlements Income script submod.
    - New RLC script with non random names to avoid the annoying bug of unnamed courtesans.
    - Reworked a bit RLC traits and triggers, removing unnecessary stuff and ensuring triggers work properly

    Since this was built from scratch using the Bugfix compilation as base,
    most of the models and other props and features showcased or announced in the forum are not yet included.
    This includes other features which are still a WIP in non playable state.

    Missing stuff list:
    Proper Abbasid, Obotrite and Zirid Rosters
    Most Paleologos' unit models.
    War of the West (Lord Hamilton's) units.
    Steel Crescent units.
    Caudillo87's units.
    HURB Obotrites and Abbasids roster changes
    Factions new emblem/symbols.
    Some Strat map new models and textures.
    Garrison Script
    Late Era campaigns

    Quote Originally Posted by Losthief View Post
    SS6.4 Release Thread:
    Stainless Steel FAQ Thread:!
    Now, If you do need further help installing using these links:
    Windows 7/Vista/UAC and probably Windows 8 though it wasn't written for that:
    Steam (and also help for UAC/Windows 7):
    General Tech Help (specific cases):
    (please use the above links for help before creating your own thread)

    Andytheplatypus, Rolling Wave, Kong Ming,
    beermugcarl, Used2BRoz, Point Blank, Navajo Joe,
    Gigantus, Byg, Ishan, k/t, siadhail, King of the Ring (aka Bantu Chieftain)
    and a big ETC (most of them previous SS devs or creator of submods included in Titanium).

    Lead Coder/Mapper: Melooo182 (aka Enrico Dogedolo)
    Lead 3DModeller/Texturer: paleologos (aka Goldmember)
    Script Master: gsthoed (aka Gsthoedalf the Gray)
    General Modding Support: Marius Marich (aka Mariachus), Deteriorate
    Faction Roster Designer/Coder: ? (hmm anyone interested?)

    Soviet920: Castillan Banners
    VltimaRatio: Scandinavian Banners
    Hereje: Muslim Princesses and Young Witches Portraits
    Caudillo87: Byzantine Portraits (ported from RomeTW)
    Geoffrey of Villehardouin: SSNOP1.2
    Quintillius: Wonders and other Building Portraits
    Karaislam: CTUR models
    neadal: 2D art
    jurcek1987: Integrated stringed bows animation
    Lifthrasir, MWY and the rest of SSHIP team: A lot of stuff really

    Testers and Forum Feedback: Used2BRoz, Grabbin_Megroin, Chef_Jimmy, BuTAJIuK, Seljuk Prince, minhnd6789, etc
    you guys know who you are

    Stainless Steel Mod Team for the awesome mod and foundation
    And of course CA for the amazing game!

    Have Fun!
    And don't forget to report issues, bugs, etc.

    Alternative Titanium Download.

    Edit by Gigantus: an alternate download can be found here.

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    Hmmm. Can't seem to locate the download link, unless it's the one in the thread for 0.85.

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |


    On a related note... wats the difference between the 1139 start and 1100 start? The maps look exactly identical!

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    whoops, sorry had to re-upload the whole thing again (2GB) using MEGAsync at 40kbps so in about 12h should be up and ready

    And updated the post to display the correct image for 1139 campaign

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    Is this download more current than the one you posted a couple of days ago, or does it contain additional items? I think we all wish to be up to date when playing this outstanding mod.

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    It has some minor tweaks and last minute fixes, plus extra music that wasn't included in the test release

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    Definitely worth waiting the few hours for.


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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    Downloaded and installed. However, just before it suppose to open to the campaign map I get a "unspecified error" report and it crashes to desktop. I am attempting to download the files again to see if some of the files were corrupted.

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    Oh noes!
    well if the crashing continues, I suppose we'll have to revert to the test release and add the music files there...
    I'm leaving on a trip in a couple of hours and won't be having much access to internet...and neither would want to xD I want to enjoy my trip! hehe

    Paleo, can I leave you in charge of this while I'm away?
    In case this DL is not working, pick the test release, add the music files (along descr_sounds_music.txt).
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    Downloaded and installed. However, just before it suppose to open to the campaign map I get a "unspecified error" report and it crashes to desktop. I am attempting to download the files again to see if some of the files were corrupted.

    New download, same result. Lower the graphics in the game, but it still crashes.

    Comments? .... Recommendations?
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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    Playing 1100 campaign with Turks/Seljuks, near turn 40. Things are going well, only had a CTD during a battle (this appeared with vanilla too...).
    "They make a desert, and call it peace" - Caledonian chieftain Calgacos' personal opinion about Pax Romana

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    Thank you Archesel, at least 1100AD is confirmed as working
    About that CTD, it just a once mishap or has it happened again under similar condition, IE like same enemy faction, similar troops, map location, etc?

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    Quote Originally Posted by Melooo182 View Post
    Thank you Archesel, at least 1100AD is confirmed as working
    About that CTD, it just a once mishap or has it happened again under similar condition, IE like same enemy faction, similar troops, map location, etc?
    the CTD occurred during the loading. The loading screen looks like its about to load the game than it freezes.

    System log:

    14:27:57.491 [system.rpt] [always] CPU: SSE2
    14:27:57.491 [system.rpt] [always] ==== system log start, build date: Aug 3 2007 version bld-medieval2-kingdoms-104 (45562) ===
    14:27:57.522 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_0.pack
    14:27:57.522 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_1.pack
    14:27:57.537 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_2.pack
    14:27:57.553 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_3.pack
    14:27:57.553 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_4.pack
    14:27:57.584 [] [always] mounted pack packs/localized.pack
    14:30:17.930 [game.script] [always] Germanicu5 ReallyBadAI v5.7 Running. Please upload log and savegames when reporting battle CTDs for SS.
    14:34:37.963 [system.rpt] [error] Medieval 2: Total War encountered an unspecified error and will now exit.
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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    Quote Originally Posted by Melooo182 View Post
    About that CTD, it just a once mishap or has it happened again under similar condition, IE like same enemy faction, similar troops, map location, etc?
    Well, i've never figured out why, during a battle (never the beginning, always at an advanced stage) or a siege, "Medieval 2 has encountered an error [...]"... as i said before, it has also happened with SS6.3 and even vanilla.
    "They make a desert, and call it peace" - Caledonian chieftain Calgacos' personal opinion about Pax Romana

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    I thought I had. I'll check it out.

    But your test download works fine!

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    hmm, i'm having the graphics settings to high crash when im trying to load into a game. only happens with this mod out of all the others i have tried.

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    And I would add, I can play Europa Barbarum II with no problem, which is probably the most graphic intensive mod I've downloaded so far, but I can't this one. Odd.

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    Default Re: BETA release | DOWNLOAD v0.9 |

    the only graphic addition post TEST release was some tree models for the campaign map
    "data/terrain/aerial_map/trees_models/" maybe removing all the .cas files there might fix your issue

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