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    Hello community,

    I want to buy Warhammer Total war soon, but have a few questions about the Wood Elves:

    1. How does the amber feature of Wood Elves work? As far as I know, you need amber for research, building construction, units, etc. But, is amber consumed or set? If, for example, I research a technology and use my only amber for this, this means that this research constantly requires this one amber or is the stock just reduced?

    It should be so, in my opinion, that there should be differences in this point:

    - one time consumption of amber by research

    - Amber maintenance for units and buildings, (as long as the unit exists it needs amber), if the unit dies you get the amber back

    - one time amber consumption by upgrading the oak: If you have 5 amber and you get an upgrade, that uses 3 amber, it reduce just the amber number to 2, but you don't need amber for maintainance.

    For clarification:

    For example, at the main campaign start, if I have 5 amber through treaties at stock, no amber consuming units, no amber consuming buildings etc. and just use one of the amber for research. Then I loose all treaties (amber getting), would this turn my amber supply into negative/zero or anything else?

    Can someone please clarify how this feature was implemented in the game?:

    I am sorry for my bad english skills.

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    Hi Zoltan1989

    The Amber is not consumed per turn. So if you have 5 amber and research something that uses 1 amber you will have four left. The next turn you will have the same.

    The only thing that can put you into deficit is if you lose an alliance or an outpost. So if you had two allies each giving you 2 amber and you lost them both on the next turn you would now have 0 Amber. You can go negative and this affects replenishment of units i believe. You will need to act quickly if you go into the negative.

    I hope this is clear. I would recommend buying Warhammer. (Especially for the reduced prices available at the moment). I personally think this is the best Total War game to date and have 600 hours in it and I still play it.

    Oh and your English is fine I understood what you meant.


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    Default Re: Questions about Wood-Elves

    Thanks for the reply, and another question:

    How does the root fast travel system work? Or different said, how effective is it?

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    Default Re: Questions about Wood-Elves

    Worldroots work the same way as Beastpaths for Beastmen and the Underway for Dwarfs and Orks.

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    I dont have the game yet, so please more details. I want to know the range for example, how far you can travel through this.

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    Worldroot or underway travel usually is 100% of movement on clear terrain. So if there are forest or rivers or hills, basically anything more than flat empty ground the Worldroots will be faster than normal travel. Fast march just as in Rome II is present and will move further than Worldroots unless there is a large obstacle like a river, mountains, or small sea.

    Usually to pass completely over a mountain chain you have to start your move near one side of the mountains to be able to reach the other side. There is no halfway moving through a mountain. Using this faster movement make you vulnerable to ambush from nearby enemy armies or you can set your army in ambush if you expect an enemy to try and use underway- as Dwarfs I kill Grimgor alot doing this ambush.

    Keep in mind you can't play Wood Elves in Warhammer without the Wood Elven DLC which costs extra. The map of the mini campaign in this DLC is quite badly done- Wood Elves only occupy 1/8 of the map and never need to explore or conquer more than 1/4 if that and no other races are playable. Wood Elves on the Grand campaign map are a bit better but I think the main fun for Wood Elves will be in trying to conquer their brethren in Naggaroth or Ulthuan in game 2.

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