Mod Name: Bellum Crucis

Mod Platform: M2TW-K
Release Status: Version 7.0 + bugfixer
Mod foldered: Yes
Mod creator\team leaders: MrCrow, The Housekeeper, Franky917
Mod team members: rafmc1989, Pronoiar
Mod Description: Bellum Crucis is a loyal reproduction of the Middle-Ages in Europe, North Africa, Russia and Middle-Eastern. It features the events happening during the period of the Crusades and Jihads, with powers clashing for the dominion over the Old Known World. The game presents a deep simulation of the royla dinasties, innovative agents with a grading scale, and detailed panorama of units and buildings typical of the Middle-Ages.
Other info on mod: Bellum Crucis 7.0 has a complex system of ancillaries and traits, family dinasties, scripted events and choices. Moreover, it enlists a detailed explanation of all major events happening during the mod timeframe and offers players a dynamic and immersive gameplay, with a detailed map of Europe and Middle-Eastern and many events simulating the discoveries made by civilizations at that time.
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Permissions: Permission by request only