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Thread: Introducing... War Hydra

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    Default Introducing... War Hydra

    Could this be the nastiest monster in the game?
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    Isn't this dude just the Hydra from the intro video?

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    Yep, just a better look, excellent colours on it, if your a modeler then to see such creations in a game is a pleasant treat.

    No idea if those animations will find there way into the game though.

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    Default Re: Introducing... War Hydra

    Most ground monsters have some sort of animation so i think it will.

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    This is incredibly impressive. Cant wait to use it!
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    It will be good if the AI can make all the best units, even if there is some scripting, because one should have to face the best units/creatures to make the game more tense and fruity, but balance is needed of course, I don't want to face a Hydra every battle.
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    in one of the ca videos they were talking about adding alot of animations into the game for big vs big combat. now I guess big vs small combat

    1 v 1 duels for big vs big makes alot of sense. it was stupid when it was formation vs formation.
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    Large models in Warhammer have always had animations for dealing with units smaller than them.

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