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Thread: EB Finale; Part 1

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    Needless to say all these various version numbers, parts, terminal suffixes are a wee bit confusing.

    I've been on 1.31C-Alex for a long time without incident.

    I did succeed to upgrade to 1.3 Final Part1-Alex.

    However, no matter what I do I cannot get the RV to work. I can see all the files installed, but there appears to be something amiss with the configuration. (This might be that I am lacking registry entries, since I am just running a Steam image (without Steam; I had no choice as I bought the remaster from Steam).

    Well, if anyone knows the magic incantation to make my RV see its required data files, I would appreciated it. Thank you!

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    Anyone get the RV working for EBI? Is there a config file to edit?

    I have the RV working for EBII, but they seem to use a difference architecture.

    EB1 seems to use a C++ application with a SQL DB and some asset files where as EBII uses a JAVA application.

    Thanks. I really need some help!

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    The model EBUNIT_PROME_NEW_UNIT_ROMAN_LegioneAugustea_high.cas doesn't exist.Causing crashes when using the Imperial Cohorts.I guess those are the "great" new LS units that this update added.
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    Did the eb1.3 finale fix the old bugs of eb1.2 for its non-working morale bonus that is supposed to come with those place of interest and maricles in certain cities like in Rome with that temple to give additional morale bonus units trained there.

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