Hello All,

I am pleased to announce that with the help of brad over at uu3d, we have finally found the solution to adding custom animations into shogun2.

The updated and fixed plugin you can find HERE

I will write this short guide on how to do this.

1) First thing you will need is a licensed copy of Ultimate unwrap 3d.

2) Put the plug in in uu3ds plugin folder, open uu3d and make sure the plug in is running. (info plugin)

3) Choose file--> open , and navigate to a shogun2 mesh.variant_part_mesh file you wish to use.

4) one the next screen click animation options and choose a .anim file from shogun2 you wish to edit.

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5) You can preview your animation, by clicking animate/play. After that go to Save as and save as a .fbx file
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6) Open this FBX file in 3ds max , make the animation changes you like and re-export as an FBX file.

7) Open your FBX file in UU3D and Delete the bone "uu3d mesh"
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8) Choose File --> save as "weighted variant mesh" , on the next window under game type, make sure "shogun 2 anim only" is selected, and also select both Misc options export anim and transform vertices to rest pose. ( it is also recommended exporting to a new folder as the .anim file will overwrite other older ones etc)

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After that take your anim file, rename it accordingly, and add it to your mod pack. As far as making it useable, make sure something under the battleconfig scripts is pointing to the new file and that your directory hierarchy is correct
(as i ran into having "shoguns_animation" instead of "shogun_animation" in my modpack which took me awhile to figure out why this wasnt working)

Thanks for the read, Good luck and happy modding.