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    Default Forum Information and Rules

    Welcome to the Foreign Languages Discussion forum. This area may be used for discussion in languages other than English, bearing in mind the pointers listed below.

    Points to Remember:

    1. The same rules as in other fora apply in full, with the sole exception of the 'Posting in languages other than English' point.
    2. Threads do not require an active Local Moderator in order to remain open, but it is preferred for the busier threads.
    3. Local Moderators should inform Site Staff in the event they are no longer able to watch over the thread(s) to which they are assigned.
    4. If they deem it necessary, Site Moderators can and will intervene in threads if issues arise.
    5. Site Staff must be consulted before a new thread is created. No more than one thread per language will be allowed.

    List of Local Moderators
    Note: Not all threads have a Local Moderator assigned, and only threads with one assigned are listed here. If you wish to apply to be considered to become a Local Moderator please apply to Tango12345 or lolIsuck.

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