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    I only play Classic Battles vs CPU and wondered if anyone has a mod to increase battle funds or make units cost less.

    I have had a look in the Pack File to edit and reduce costs but it all looks too complicated to me lol.

    Appreciate any help

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    I'm guessing this is something that can't be done or a little to complicated to explain?

    I have looked at either reducing the unit costs alhough it would be easier to find a way just to increase the battle funds.

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    Default Re: Battle Funds

    Changing cost is easy with PFM.
    It's one of the column in the unit tables.

    Chaing starting cost is harder, there was a mod from TC to make it easy, but I'm not sure the link still works.

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    Thanks for your reply Steph.

    I've had a go at changing cost using PFM but no success.

    I'm trying to do this with some mods I have installed in both Napoleon and Total Empire.

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    Yes I think I saw you mention the link to a mod when I've been searching and yes unfortunately the link no longer works.

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    Use an hex editor that reads the program's memory, like CheatEngine, find the value for the funds, edit it in real time.
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    Thanks Sirlion.

    I did try artmoney and watched a youtube video on how to do it but think it was for campaign node.....didn't work either lol.

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    I've tried the Hex editor but can't locate the battle funds.....any idea where I should be looking?

    Should I be looking in the mod files or the vanilla files?

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    Here what you are looking for. Put it into you Napoleon Data folder
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    Great stuff Brian many thanks

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    Hello, I allow myself to up the subject. I have a pretty bizzare problem.

    I modified the morality and fatigue tables as well as the terrain tables for travel speeds and units_stats_lands.

    Now in the game I have this problem. I have a big deficit that is displayed in a custom battle

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    How Would I use this with NTW3?

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